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CarolinaCrawler 10-05-2013 08:34 AM

Major electrical issues in my WJ
So this has happened twice now. The first time I thought (hoped) it to be just a bug and it wouldn't happen again. Well it did, and worse..

About 3 weeks ago I got off of work, walked to the garage, put the key in, and preceded to crank my wj as always. Fist there was the sound of the engine making almost a full turn then all went dead. No radio, gauges were flickering and going nuts when I tried cranking again and even when I removed the key. No gauge lights. let it sit without the key for a couple minutes and it started up just fine. No hesitation, nothing out of the normal. Perfect start. So I went on my way and in the last 3 weeks have not had a single problem.

Fast forward to yesterday..

While driving some lady behind me said all of my lights were out:confused: All the bulbs were fine the other day? So I thought, Weird.. So at the end of this drive I parked, shut it off, went and took care of some things, came back, proceeded to start my WJ and the same exact problem. Tried my fix that I tried last time by just waiting a few mins and cranking it then. Nada. Now im in a panic because I have about 10 mins before I have to be getting on the road for work. So I start checking fuses. All are clear and in the good. I did notice however that one of my AC lights was on even though nothing else was getting power and the key was out. Strange huh. So then at this point in my desperate scramble I think maybe the computer is bugging out. So I disco the power cable to the battery and leave it off for a minute or so in attempt to reset the computer. hooked it back up, no fix. then I tried the negative cable. After hooking the negative back up I gave it a try and at first nothing but on the second try it powered up just fine like nothing had been wrong with it. Playing possum no doubt. Ive got about 10 cranks in her since then and everything is fine like it never happened. Any thoughts on this??

spud2388 10-05-2013 12:45 PM

First thing I would do is go through EVERY ground you can reach and remove, sand, scratch, grind, etc all paint and metal surfaces to get clean contact points. It sounds dumb, but over time, these surfaces start to collect dust, rust, grim, and whatever else mother nature wants to throw at it and they get dirty. I like using brake parts cleaner because it dries fast, comes out strong enough to blow the dust away, and is a degreaser. But I would HIGHLY recommend removing the bolts securing these grounds and at minimum scraping the surfaces.

This also includes battery terminals, fuse box power wires, everything...

CarolinaCrawler 10-05-2013 01:10 PM

Thanks, any other hits?

spud2388 10-05-2013 02:36 PM


Originally Posted by CarolinaCrawler (Post 16577977)
Thanks, any other hits?


CarolinaCrawler 10-06-2013 08:48 AM

ha well pray I did and the good Lord answered and made me feel like a dumby! She was throwing all that fuss over a bad connection at the negative terminal on the battery. Thank you Jesusuh!

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