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MIKEJONES 09-12-2013 08:45 PM

Got a front bumper started today

Plan to get the lights flushed in first thing in the morning, then get the front and rear welded up. Hopefully have everything lined and on by saturday afternoon. I'll make a radiator guard sometime next week.

ZJPunk98 09-12-2013 08:51 PM

looks good man, nice jeep.

ZJPunk98 09-12-2013 08:56 PM

how is your ride on 35s? i am looking to lift my wj this spring and I am considering 35s vs 33s. I lifted my zj with a custom iro long arm kit to 4.5 inches to keep everyday driving nice. However, when i regeared to 4.56s, i was a bit torquey (good for off roading) but messed with my mileage. If i go to 35s with 4.56s, that should put me at factory spec with rpms vs speed.

MIKEJONES 09-12-2013 09:04 PM

Thanks. It rides as nice as any town car, but it also has front(radius)/rear long arms. I run 27psi in the tires, 35x17. It was too squishy so I upgraded to bilstein 5100/5125s, not my first choice but I had the part numbers and didn't want to spend hours looking for the shocks I wanted. It drives and rides great, which it should because I have about $2100 retail in suspension components. But it's my daily driver, so I didn't want to spare expense on the ride quality.

Jeepwagons 09-13-2013 06:41 AM

Great work! Fell like sharing your design for personal use. Love the rear bumper also.

Ravie 09-13-2013 07:35 AM

Great, another guy I get to hate for having all of the cutters and welders I can't afford. :-P

Someday. :crying:

MIKEJONES 09-13-2013 09:30 AM



Originally Posted by Jeepwagons (Post 15965201)
Great work! Fell like sharing your design for personal use. Love the rear bumper also.

The design is in my head, I don't use cad software very often. I do use it sometimes if it's necessary, but I try not to. Keeps my mind sharp by designing projects in my head or on paper, then actually fabricating all the pieces into one unit. Besides, almost anyone can read instructions printed from a computer and put puzzles together :thumbsup:

MIKEJONES 09-13-2013 12:26 PM

Ready to take off and weld.

YZ212 09-13-2013 12:45 PM

How tall is your lift?

MIKEJONES 09-13-2013 05:12 PM


MIKEJONES 09-15-2013 01:36 PM

Stayed up late and got the bumpers and quarter panels sprayed with color matching bedliner. They turned out great considering I sprayed them outside at 3am. Minor things to do now - make a plate that bolts from the bottom of the front bumper to the core support - get the logo on the rear powder coated - wire up the lights

27,720 lumens

Jeepwagons 09-15-2013 03:23 PM

Fantastic work! When my WJ grows up I want it to be just like yours...

nickblack 09-15-2013 04:09 PM

That thing is Badass! Great work! I am thoroughly impressed.

MadMonk 09-15-2013 07:00 PM

Okay, I'll be the first much? :D

braddf 09-15-2013 07:22 PM


Originally Posted by Jeepwagons (Post 16028401)
Fantastic work! When my WJ grows up I want it to be just like yours...

this :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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