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Jeepunit03 06-22-2013 09:19 AM

Blower motor resistor
Hey guys sorry if this is a repeat question but I'm a little stumped here. I replaced my blower resistor with the new updated one. I hooked it up what I thought was correctly( black to black red to red small wire to small wire) and plugged it in and the motor still did not spin so I thought the motor went bad as well. Replaced to motor and still the same problem. As soon as I plug the motor in it spins for a split second but it wants to go backwards. So I thought maybe the wires were crossed so I tried crossing the wires ( red to black black to red) and now it works on high only and wont shut off even when the keys out, I know it's because I crossed the wires. Would it be ok to use for a day or so till I have more time to mess with it as long as I unplug it when I shut the car off? And does anyone know why it won't work he other way?

miami5th 06-22-2013 12:48 PM

I replaced my blower motor resistor over winter. At first I thought you didn't switch the wires that lead from the resistor to the fan blower since it was spinning the wrong way. If you bought the mopar upgrade kit the black/green wires leading to the fan blower are reversed which will cause the fan to spin in the wrong direction and airflow will be significantly decreased.

BUt now I think you're issue of it only running in high has something to do with your wiring/splice job for the actual resistor. Make sure your colored wires match up. Have you checked the fuse?

narnwv 06-22-2013 04:11 PM

If it's running with the key off, you swapped the wrong wires. You need to swap the OUTPUT wires (between resistor and blower) to make the blower work in the proper direction.

Got pictures of your finished job?

It seems as if it's a control issue, since improperly hooking power to the resistor shows that power gets from the battery to the blower.

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