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pdpunome 11-23-2012 06:17 PM

4.0 calif O2 sensor BUYING GUIDE best reference out there for Mopar Denso NTK brands
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ok, so i have searched all over and no one seems to give all the part numbers for NTK or even Denso needed for the california emissions (2 pre cats) on the 4.0. Everyone argues about what brand to get and goes on about why someone is thinking about buying new o2 sensors.

I need a direct answer of part #'s you have succesfully been using for the 4.0 cali emissions which has the 4 sensors not federal with only 2.

i have compiled all the info i can on both denso and NTK brand sensors and now can pass on the knowledge because of the below:

Mopar part #'s, Connectors/Wireharnesses, and sizes:
1/1 (18") 56041212AE (before cat) Grey 9/6
1/2 (12") 56041212AF (after cat) Black 9/7
2/1 (10.5") 56041676AA (before cat) Grey 9/6
2/2 (14") 56041344AD (after cat) Black 9/7

NTK part #'s, Connectors/Wireharnesses, and sizes:
23088 (14") Black 9/7
23099 (18") Black 9/7
23122 (10") Grey 9/6
23151 (18") Grey 9/6

Denso part #'s, Connectors/Wireharnesses, and sizes:
234-4115 (11.81") Grey 9/6
234-4076 (20.11") Grey 9/6
234-4078 (11.13") Black 9/7
234-4079 (15.11") Black 9/7

so obviously none of these match 100% in regards to the length as NTK claims they are OE manufacturer and Denso claims to be OE replacement. I am not looking for a debate or lesson on which brands to run this is informational.

If you follow the logic of the wire harness plug connector clock position ie: 9/6 and 9/7 it is the position the harness plugs in with the nubs, so the two top pre cat connectors are at 9 oclock and 6 oclock positions while the two bottom after pre cats are 9/7 so they are noticably closer together than the top two.

check out the images i created to help guide you in buying the correct Mopar, Denso, or NTK sensors which are the three everyone seems to agree upon using on the 4.0

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