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rkreger2 08-22-2006 06:32 AM

01 Grand Cherokee fuel pump replacement
I had to replace my fuel pump in my 01 GC this past week. I debated on dropping the tank or just cutting a hole in the body. I decided to cut a hole in the body. I am so glad I did. It was VERY easy and the fuel pump came out in no time. I was very worried about removing my aftermarket trailer hitch and stock skid plate. The bolts were a bit rusty. The fuel pump is located under the spare tire tub so you'll never know. I drilled a hole on the right hand side where the body "bubbles up" into the spare tire. You can see the fuel pump from underneath to just where to cut first. I had it out within an hour, didn't drain the half tank of gas and was good to go. I RVT'd a plate over the hole and painted it black when i was done and it just looks like it is suppose to be there.

I would recommend changing the fuel pump this way. If you want to you could do the whole external fuel pump very easily.

greasefingers 08-22-2006 06:39 AM

Good job! What did you use to cut the hole a jigsaw? How much space is there between the floor and the pump?

Blake 08-22-2006 08:55 AM

I've done something similar in an XJ. There was no way I was about to try to benchpress a tank that had about 14 gallons of gas in it.

rkreger2 08-22-2006 11:11 AM

In the center "bubbled up" area where I cut my exploration hole there is about 3" of clearance. As you go out away from the center of the spare tire tub it goes down to about 1" of clearance.

I drilled a 1" hole first in the area where there is 3" of clearance. I then took the hole saw and made several cut around the fuel pump. The hole saw was very controllable as far as break through clearance. Once I found out how much clearance I had and how the lines were run I used a air powered nibbler I borrowed from our fab shop at work. It worked great. It cut through like butter and made a nice straight cut. I then took a piece of aluminum plate and cut it to fit around the jack holder and bent it with a mallet to the shape of the tub. I painted it black, put some RVT down and stuck it back in place. I still haven't told the wife I cut into her Jeep (she was dead set against it) but she sure is happy to have it running again. :kiss: I did it while she was at work :laugh:

AgitatedPancake 08-22-2006 12:20 PM

i'm all too aquainted with how to drop the tank on my 01 already lol...its only like 6 or 8 bolts...not half bad.

thisguyhasadd2 10-21-2009 06:18 PM

hey rkreger would you mind taking a picture of that hole?

cmonson 10-21-2009 06:52 PM

Ya, I would love to see a pic. I did this same thing on my 97 saab 900. I made a really well thought out access cover for any future fuel pump related issue. Made changing the pump the next time a 20 min job.

Fact of the matter, is if you make a high quality access cover and not some hack job, this is a fine way to go about it.

Just be careful cutting above a gas tank. There is a known issue of vapor leaks from the 0-ring at the top of the pump. Jeep even has a TSB for this. Sparks plus fuel vapors can = death of you or the Jeep or both.

thisguyhasadd2 10-23-2009 10:25 AM

great point cmonson specially since if your replacing it you know its faulty or susceptible of leaks.. whats the easiest to cut that hole?

CanadianZed-J 10-23-2009 11:42 AM


Originally Posted by rkreger2 (Post 2532862)
...I still haven't told the wife I cut into her Jeep (she was dead set against it)

I've been given "attitude" like that before from the wife. Quickest way to end it is to hand her the keys, point to where you keep your tools and tell her she can do it whatever way she wants. Suddenly your idea isn't so bad.


Originally Posted by cmonson (Post 8146444)
...Just be careful cutting above a gas tank...

I'll suggest not cutting with an angle grinder. :nono:


I'd also like to see this pic.


cmonson 10-24-2009 09:16 AM

did you ever take a pic?

riot1987 06-09-2013 09:41 PM

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Justindbrooks92 06-06-2014 12:04 AM

For future reference for everyone searching how to do this.. I've been a mechanic 8 years now.. And this thread was amazing made it so easy.. Cut the hole in the spare tire compartment.. It way worth it

dusterdude 06-06-2014 05:52 PM

I appreciate that cutting a hole is the easy way to change the pump but consider this,this jeep is an 01,its 13 years old,if you have to chamge the pump every 13 years,whats the big deal in cbanging it properly?

waynzwld 06-07-2014 09:08 AM

I was told by a mechanic that MoPar fuel pumps tend to overheat if you let the
fuel get below 1/4 tank, shortening their life.

AVR2 06-08-2014 01:29 AM

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Sounds like an old wives' tale. My 2005 KJ is still on its original fuel pump, and we regularly let it get below 1/4 tank.

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