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Bluehighways 02-05-2012 11:20 PM

Removal of Dealer Installed P.O.S. Anti-Theft System
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Dealer Installed P.O.S. Anti-Theft System removal.

Issue: These Dealer Installed Anti-Theft Systems are redundant to the Factory System and add absolutely nothing to the security of the vehicle. In the case of the system that was installed on my Jeep, it could have been completely bypassed with a single jumper wire in less than 5 or 10 seconds. What a joke!

Some Dealers install these systems on all of their vehicles and then try to sell this as an upgrade when the Vehicle is sold.

When the buyer refuses the purchase the dealer does not remove the system. They merely place a By-Pass Module on the Driver accessible tab that is usually located near the Steering column under the dash.

Because the installation of the system requires splicing into and cutting one or more electrical circuits the system; and because the system is not actually removed from the vehicle even when the buyer does not purchase it, the system presents a long term source of electrical problems whether or not the buyer actually purchases the Anti-Theft System. In addition, because it is not a Factory System, the vehicle electrical failures that result are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Many of you may have faced the same situation as I did so I thought I’d post my resolution to this.

The attached pictures show what I did.

This system used a Relay located under the Fuse Box located under the hood on the Passenger Side of the Jeep.

The Relay completed a Circuit that was cut when this system was installed. Essentially this Anti-Theft System restores the one electrical connection that was cut during the installation of the system with a simple Relay. One can use a single Jumper Wire to bridge the Relay -or- simply completing the Relay Ground will energize the Relay and this will completely by-passes this system. As I said, it's a joke of an anti-theft system.

The Anti-Theft System one my Jeep spliced into a number of circuits and cut one major Power Wire. Because these splices and the one cut wire are all done with crimp connectors, each one is a potential no-start problem looking for a place to happen. This is to say nothing of any failure in any of the components used in this system.

Step #1: Remove all components and unplug all wires

Step #2: Carefully remove each Scotch Lock Splice being careful not to damage the wire that was spliced into as you remove the Scotch Lock.

Step #3: Raise the Fuse Box and cut the Crimp Connectors that were used to connect the wire that was cut during installation. Try and preserve as much of the cut wire as possible.

Step #4: Use two all metal Crimp Junctions and a short piece of Wire of the same Gauge as the Wire that was cut. Simply reconnecting the wire with a single splice would be preferable, but there really isn't enough slack in the original Wiring Harness to do this without putting tension on the Wiring Harness in general. Which would be more of an issue in my mind than adding a short piece of wire with two repair junctions. So anyhow, repair the Cut Wire with the all metal Crimp Connectors, solder the all metal Crimp Connectors and seal the Junctions with Shrink Tubing.

ketchells 05-30-2013 10:00 AM

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Hi Bluehighways. Thanks for the helpful post. I have a '13 Wrangler that was sold out of a southern CA dealer and I may have one of these systems but am not sure. I bought the Jeep through my credit union auto broker and didn't interact with the dealership at all. My only evidence of it is a receiver/switch that was mounted on the lower drivers side dash (see pic) that may be the driver module in your post. The button on this unit apparently did nothing and I do not have a keyfob to activate it so I took the switch off the wire and tucked the wire back into the dash. Do you think this is same kind of system and do you think I should take it out? Thanks for your advise.

Bluehighways 03-01-2014 10:07 AM

Clearly I don't visit this forum very often. To answer your question it does look as though you also have on of these nonsensical Dealer Installed Security Systems on your Jeep. The wiring can be relatively simple to remove, as it was on mine, or it can be a real rats nest. Hopefully yours is the former. But no matter which it is, if it were mine? I'd have it removed. Any wiring that was cut should be thoroughly repaired per the guide in my original thread. Good luck trying to get the dealer to do this. I know I was positively fit to be tied when I found it.

If there are any numbers on the piece under your dashboard, or on the module that it is connected to (buried somewhere under your dash) you might Google these numbers and see if you can come up with a manual or installation instructions that would give you some sort of an idea of what you're up against.

grogie 03-01-2014 07:06 PM

The first new car I bought was years ago in southern Cali that had one of these anti-theft systems installed, that unfortunately I paid for.

Fast forward 12 years, the car was now my mom's and she couldn't start it one morning as the system would not disengage. The company was of course out of business. So I called a cousin who is a GM mechanic, and he dropped by at night, and with a flashlight, in about two minutes he removed it. He said that on every car that has one that they take in on trade, the first thing they do is remove these systems.

Talk about an expensive joke... :rolleyes: But it did have a pretty red blinking light. :D

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