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Oil Filter Housing Cracked - Done with Jeep

I had my oil changed about 2 weeks ago by the dealer and noticed over the weekend that there was a large (3' circumfrance) pile of oil under the car. I slid under the jeep and noticed that all my skid plates were soaked in fresh engine oil. I was able to get the jeep over to the dealer where it remains today and they indicated that the oil filter housing was cracked. As the undercarriage is soaked in oil, I am concerned as the dealer indicated they would wipe it up as best they can but were not going take the skid plates off and clean under them.

Needless to say, I am beyond disgusted with this car. It has been in the shop more than in my driveway. I've had multiple issues with:

1. Fuel Filler door not flush
2. Transmission harsh shifting (took 5 trips to dealer and multiple flashes to fix)
3. Molding in rear cargo area issue (took 3 trips to dealer to fix)
4. Cracked Oil Filler Housing
5. Failed navigation system (took 3 trips to dealer to fix)
6. About 7 recalls
7. AC not blowing cold / leak (Took 2 trips to dealer to fix)
8. Heat not adjustable (its either HOT or COLD nothign inbetween. STILL not fixed but have given up trying)

I've been a loyal Jeep fan for over a decade, having even owned a 1943 Willys MB Military jeep and multiple other jeeps, but I unfortunately have to say that Jeep/ Chrysler simply is built with terrible quality control. The vehicles, the parts, and even the dealer service network is just sub-par. I would truely recommend to anyone considering a jeep to STAY CLEAR. Its just not worth spending around $40k to have a vehicle this poor. I know theres always people who have good Jeeps, but overall the amount of issues with Jeep is significantly more than I and friends have experienced with foreign (non-Chrysler vehicles). As a point of reference, this is my 2nd Jeep Grand Cherokee. The first one was bought back by ISG after a lengthy fight because there was a 1.5 FOOT long oil stain on the dashboard that came like that from the factory. The dealer expected my to deal with it. I fought back and eventually got it purchased back, and ordered another one. Please dont make the same mistake as me. AVOID JEEP at all costs. Your wallett will thank you.

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I'm in the same boat as you.

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...and yet they continue to sell 1,000 units a day.
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sounds like a sucky dealer more than a jeep issue. why would you take delivery with an oil stained dash board.
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Originally Posted by mx71
I'm in the same boat as you.
I am in the other boat .....

Fact: most dealerships are not up to the task of helping maintain repair our GCs . Common thread.... If you allow a dealer to touch your Jeep , their is a high probability they will screw it up . Your cracked oil filter was done by the dealer ....

Fact: a high percentage of recall " solutions" are not addressing the problem in a first class way.... ie- brake booster recall using foam collar and defective fuel pump relay. Both are third class patches.

So..... Before you sign off on buying a new Jeep GC.... Drive it ..... Go over it with a fine tooth comb.... Try all the options.... Move the seats .... Look for leaks.... To bad this is necessary but a small percentage of GCs are problems on wheels .

My GC has been flawless over two years.... But except for replacing the alternator ( noisy at 15k) , I do not allow the dealer to put a wrench on it .

Not sure GCs are worse then other brands in a big way .... But they do have more recalls .

This is my 3rd Jeep bought new since 1998 and all of them have been great . I am sure if mine was spending a lot of time at the dealership I may feel like you.... But I am doing everything in my control to not be disappointed .

Sorry you are leaving the Jeep brand .... But I see you are in the NYC area .... Not exactly an area known for a stellar auto dealerships .
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7 recalls? bs
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2015 JGC, 28k miles, no dealer visits, 1 recall i did in my driveway...no complaints
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Originally Posted by mx71 View Post
I'm in the same boat as you.
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There have been a multitude of recalls but no one jeep has been affected by all of them, people are tired of hearing this crap and exaggerate. First I have several friends that are 25-55year old techs, service writers, and a parts manager in dealers from jeep to a dealer with an entry fee north of $100k, this is a general statement and doesn't say anyone is a bad person nor a competent mechanic, but some,most when they go to work, things change. Blame who you like I place it all on the individual including us to be honest. I get it this company actually sucks and gets away with it if you measure the type of recall, the standards by which they respond and " handle" it and the repairs they issue, at $40k+ it's pathetic people don't use google more and boycott, but they'd have to boycott every American car company, and well, jeep is not even American. The average Jeep tech is an arrogant overtrained, overstrained, preoccupied person that either barely knows anything past parts replacement, or hasn't done anything challenging at work in forever, and when the challenge does arrive, they don't show respect and force it or "rig"it. Their ability and mindset are limited due to either being trained by only the dealer or they've lost their "old school" edge, no deductive reasoning allowed, they are tired if the same repair 200 times and billing practices that are only rivaled by doctors offices. They know everything and can't be proven wrong, until I and most, have to bring the vehicle back a second time, because they where wrong, but they're right then too somehow. My favorite thing is the allowance or expectation for damage, I keep my vehicles for 15 years plus on a cycle and they typically go the full run with very minimal damage, but all my new jeeps have two things in common that my car doesn't, scratches and ghetto crap repairs that look out of place from yup only the dealer. Even with minortrail riding, drag racing, solo events, and high mileage, only the dealer does damage or unnecessarily lowers the value of my "stock" Jeeps. 80%+ of the dealer networks are pathetic and literally getting away with a far lower level of quality than reported. How many people have been told to take the online survey, but told directly to please give the highest marks because anything less hurts them? How many have contacted Jeep? My jeep is relatively problem free, in comparison to my BMW it's actually less glitchy, but my BMW dealer gives me back the car I gave them, and a better con job, but even with more issues its spent less time in the shop. I have an 18 year relationship with a Jeep dealer and have bought multiple Jeeps through them, I've gone through more techs and writers than used oil. They are unable to nail it down and it's sad considering their tools, practices, training , and the platform they work on is so much better from back in the day, the people and their respect for your sizable investment is the only thing that's never changed, Chrysler sucks and if you don't think so, you've never looked over your Jeep close. Incompetent is like an addiction. It's the bean counting era all over and that killed quality and the customer base before, it'll do it again.
I'm bored and stuck in traffic with a nick and crease in my headliner starring me in the face from the wiring recall where the headliner was supposed to be lowered but instead the highly skilled tech decided to avoid procedure and cut a corner by folding it back, yes they are incompetent, but no more than me if I do the same for my customers, but mine wouldn't put up with this level of disrespect.

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I shoulda bought a Highlander, I shoulda bought a Highlander, I shoulda bought a Highlander...
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I love my Jeep.

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I wouldn't consider recalls a spike in quality, just that now companies are recognizing them. With all the big lawsuits involving Honda and GM, recalls will be increasing in number. Think about it... One of the WK2 recalls was for a fuel pump relay that MIGHT go bad. Before all the lawsuits a car could start on fire and not get recalled.
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Originally Posted by stopplease View Post
7 recalls? bs
Sorry to burst your bubble, but there have actually been 13! Perhaps you dont own a jeep or dont research them but before you question the problems someone else has had, you shoudl really do your homework.

And for reference, mine has had 7.

Recall Number: 14V643000 - ORC Control module
Recall Number: 14V634000 - Alternator Recall
Recall Number: 14V293000 - Forward Collision avoidance recall
Recall Number: 14V154000 - Brake Booster Recall
Recall Number: 13V289000 - Exterior Lighting
Headliner Recall - faulty witing
Radio Hacking Ability Recall

I have a right to be disgusted and call the vehicle and company GARBAGE. I paid over 40K for the car - its a piece of crap - sorry to be brutally honest.

And yes, i am (WAS) a die-hard jeep fan. I dont think too many other people on this forum can say they owned a 1942 Willys War time jeep. I had a 2000 wrangler - a 2010 wrangler, a 1996 grand Cherokee, and now the garbage 2014 grand cherokee. I've given this company more then enough of my time and money. When I owned an Acura and honda - it was NEVER in the shop for anything other than an oil change, brakes, and tires. Never once did I have any other issue and i owned them both for 7 years before finally selling them.

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Traded my early build (July 2013) WK2 in (July 2015 GC Hemi) and even though I had no mechanical trouble with the early bird with 40k miles I will say my new Hemi is outstanding compared to it. It has now been 2 months and not 1 recall and I am loving it. In the 2 years between WK's, Jeep has fixed a lot of items that were small but irksome for me. I have changed dealers due having maintenance issues with the dealer close to me and this also has made my Jeep experience better. So I am a happy camper with my 15 and glad I changed dealers. Have a sour taste in my mouth for all of the 14's needed recalls even though they improved the vehicle each time.

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