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dvdsjk 02-06-2011 09:04 AM

Modification, Maintenance, Repair, and Build Write Ups
Hello all. This can an extreamly helpful thread for for all the DIY JEEPERS. When you do a simple mod like mounting a sunglass holder or more involved mod such as lifts - engine repairs - PLEASE share your how to and an idea of how easy or hard the job was. Pictures are always a great help, Also add any repair or maintenance tips/instructions.

Last update: 1 Feb, 2015

Modification Thread Index. We will try and keep the index current.

Mopar Rock Rails also see The Video

Running/Tubular bars

Rocky Road Slider Install

Aux switches to dash

Add Auto Climate your non-climate-controlled WK2

Chrome vinyl wrapping your running boards

Interior Trim Removal PDF

RRO Bumper Winch Insta

JW Speaker LED fogs

Mopar Rock Rails 2014 WK2

Mopar Skid Plates

DIY Phone Mount

Replace your black roof trim with OEM roof rails

Corsa exhaust install

Trailer brake controller in center console

2014 Summit-only 5.7L Corsa Cat-back and Volant CAI

Fascia Grille removal PDF

Grill Update 2014 Limited to Summit

Removing grill without also removing bumper cover

RRO winch kit on a 2014

Dealer Anti-Theft System Removal

Flowmaster Exhaust

Trailhawk Sliders/Rock Rails

Rigid Industries Duallys in factory fog light housing

Rear seat belt extenders

Hemi muffler X-pipe substitute

Air Lift 1000

Light Bar

CB and HAM antennas ;.. CB in a 2014

Rear Camera Install

Pinch Weld and Tire Size

STR8 Grill On a 2011

Tow Hook Install

H11 5000k "Xtreme" kit in a 2015

Maintenance and Repair Thread Index.

Headlight Adjustment

Light bulbs

Y2011 radiator replace

Blend Door Gears

OEM vs Aftermarket Windshield

Suspension Torque Specifications

Diesel Oil Change Tips

Door Lock Actuator

HID Bulb Replace 2011-2013

Brakes and part numbers

Spark Plugs 3.6 Gas

Build Thread Index:



TheSiltSurfer(no longer has it)

Dabitz 2011


FreeJersey Blackout


Mopar Rock Rails

Installed the Mopar rockrails this weekend. PITA but looks great and solid. Roughly an 8 hhr install by yourself. I recommend 2 guys though. A few pics.

ermatthe 09-11-2011 04:04 PM

How to adjust your headlights
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If you open your hood and look on the right or left side above each headlight you will see rounded slot about 1/2" X 1" on each side, Use a flashlight and look down thru the slot about 4-5 inches down you will see a white round dial with a phillps screw slot in it. You will need about a 8" long phillps screw driver to reach it. ( turn screw clockwise to raise headlight)
Make sure headlights are on dim NOT ON BRIGHT
Best done a night with car parked on level surface about 6 ft from wall, you will see where light shines on wall raise each about 2" ( It will take 2-5 turns on screw to raise them)
Go out on the road to test them do not raise them up to far as you will blind on coming cars.

Pictures to make it easier.

First, Where the location of the hole and the size screw driver you'll need, 8" as was stated.

Next, That flashlight in the cargo area actually came in handy.

Finally here's a view of the plastic screw itself.

wxchaser 10-24-2011 03:07 PM

Mopar Skid Plates
5 Attachment(s)
Below are pics of the skid plates installed on my 2012 GC Overland:

padgett 03-04-2012 12:12 PM

Tubular Aluminum Rails
I added the Tubular Aluminum Rails (side steps) p/n 82212130 and created a page with some notes to go along with the pictogram instructions. Took about two hours to install because am slow.

Still trying to figure where to put my size 11's so it is useful.

Big50 04-29-2012 10:02 PM

Rocky Road Slider Install
Original thread here:

Finally got around to taking some pix and video of the new rock sliders. The install was pretty strait forward. These do require you to drill into the uni body which wasn't to difficult. Except, I didn't pay attention on the passenger side when drilling one of the wholes and the alignment was off. I was able to save it though.

Once you drill the wholes you then have to use self tapping bolts which took some muscling to get them to catch. I recommend pulling off the slider after drilling the wholes and use the drill and whiggle it around a bit to make the whole slightly bigger. Then once you get the bolt to catch on all the wholes pull it out then put the sliders back on and bolt everything down.

I did this all by myself but could have used another set of hands. It does take pressing really hard on the self tapping bolts to get them to catch. I'm 6'4" 260 and it took me pressing as hard as possible.



trooper1968 06-12-2012 01:06 PM

Adding Switches to Dash
Ok, I took the plunge and installed a bank of switches below the headlight switch (as you can see the space to the right of the headlight switch was a no go unless you want to do some MAJOR cutting).
For those who want to do the same, it is not for the faint of heart because of the amount of cutting to accommodate the depth of the switches. Anyways, I am pretty happy with the outcome, my only beef is that I sometimes hit the gas cap switch with my knee when I get into the Jeep because it is no longer recessed. I might switch the two power wires so that the switch is in the off position when it up instead of down.

Here is the lower portion of the dash opened up. You can see the new winch power, ACC and ground wires hanging out. You tap the orange w/grey wire for dash lights.


Switches installed and ready to go! The switch includes a red light for power and a green light tapped to the dash lights and comes on when the rest of the dash is light up.

The solenoid for the winch is installed under the hood, with the power cables routed under the truck back to the receiver hitch.

After the install the winch into the receiver, connect the power and you are ready to go.

Anyways, I pretty happy with the way it turn out.


xJoshxx 10-14-2012 01:30 PM

How to Add Auto Climate your Wk2!
I ordered Item # 55111916AP (2011-2013 without Heated or Ventilated Seats)

From Just for Jeeps!!

Step #1 Unbox and awe at the beauty of it.
Step #2 say good bye to manual HVAC
Step #3
Use the bottom lip of the trim and pull with 2 hands equally * mine took some force* Almost there!!! I found it easier to start pulling and wiggling near the drivers vent!

***** Caution There are wires attached to the panel*****
Step #5 it's out!

Step #6 Requires a #15 Torx bit (at least that's what worked for me)
4x torx and the old HVAC will fall out!

Take your new Auto Hvac put it in place of the old put the screws back in.

Step #7 Trim the HVAC Harness Connector ** I used a razor blade to trim it **

Step #8 Plug your connectors back into the panels before putting the trim back in place and get it a good push to pop all the clips back in.

Step #9 Enjoy!!

Hope this helps!

xJoshxx 10-14-2012 07:26 PM


Originally Posted by GreekGhost (Post 14301443)
Very interesting on the HVAC auto climate control. Are there any temperature sensors already in the WK2 that just aren't utilized?

The solar load sensor which is incorporated into the Automatic headlights.

and the I believe the Auto HVAC has it's own infrared system see the center of the dial on the auto system.

xJoshxx 12-22-2012 11:00 PM

Dual Climate works perfectly and auto climate does like it should.

JSRichar5985 02-25-2013 06:48 AM

DIY factory remote start
I've been looking at adding a remote start to my wife's WK2. its cost about $220 to buy the kit and the dealer quoted like $500 for the installation. I was reading the installation guide and it seems fairly simple just alot of pulling interior parts out. Has anyone attempted this job on their own? Is it difficult?

here is the installation guide:

wjnewguy 03-01-2013 06:46 PM

DIY K&N Intake 3.6L
So Today I decided to make my own homwm brew version of an intake for $70 bucks, rather then $300 for a CAI.

All you have to do is go to PepBoys, get a 4" joiner tube, 4" K&N filter, and a small little mini cone filter for the secondary air tube coming off of the air box.

Here is the install pics, took literally 10 minutes to put everything together.

the sound is nice when you get on it, although thanks to the awesome sound deadening in our cherokees you cant hear it that well inside.

wjnewguy 03-01-2013 07:29 PM

3 Attachment(s)
More photos

FAUEE 03-22-2013 10:08 PM

DIY/Review: Chrome vinyl wrapping your running boards
So first the few obvious questions:
Yes, more chrome. I like the chrome running boards.

2) Why not just buy the chrome Mopar boards?
There's no fundamental difference between the chrome boards and the black boards, just an appearance coating, and this is way cheaper than buying another set of $500 boards.

So first off, this RVinyl Chrome wrap doesn't work like normal vinyl. You don't want to use heat on this stuff, or it ends up like this.
So basically, this is what you'll start with when open the box.
To do this, you'll want to order the 24"x72" piece. Then cut it in half (hot dog style for those of you who capped out in artistic ability at Kindergarten like myself). This stuff is quite reflective. It looks great.
So the first thing we need to do is remove the boards. There's 3x 10mm bolts that hold them to the brackets. The plastic step pads are held on by 2 and 3 Phillips head screws.

Next we need to clean the heck out of these, because they're dirty.
So clean it off with soap and water really well. You'll be amazed how dirty these things are.

Time to actually put it on. Start by lining up your starting edge near the hole for the mounting brackets. This lets us hide the transition line. Get the whole thing lined up, and start wrapping around.
Using the low friction squeegee is CRITICAL. Chrome vinyl will show scratches very easily, so make sure you use it. If you don't have it, a piece of felt may work. Continue wrapping your way around the board.
Once you've wrapped around the board, you can re-attach the hardware pieces. Since you've got them off, it's not a bad idea to give them a good cleaning and use some sort of protectant on them (I used Turtle Wax F21 - this stuff works great but makes it very slippery, so make sure you give it a bit of time before you intend to step on them).
You can see in that picture an area where I jacked it up. This film supposedly has air release and should fix that. We shall see in the morning.

I put it back on the Jeep just to see how I liked the look. I do like the chrome, and the vinyl looks great for chrome. However, I didn't do very good job with it, and so it didn't turn out as well as it could have. I have no doubt a professional with this film could make these look flawless, and fantastic, but the RVinyl chrome is somewhat difficult to work with.
Overall, the product is good, with awesome looks - it looks as good as a lot of OEM "chrome". But it's hard to work with, so unless you are pretty skilled with it, I'd limit it to smaller areas. And don't try to use heat on it

FAUEE 03-24-2013 01:01 PM


Originally Posted by ChrisUCF99 (Post 15185159)
Looks good now. Curious to see how it looks a month from now.

It didn't actually look that good. I did a pretty terrible job In putting it on, so I had ridges and such at the ends of the bars. So, I took it off already. I expect that it would have held up pretty well had I left it on.

JasonJasoff 03-25-2013 09:41 PM

Interior Trim Removal PDF (Possible Sticky?)
I was curious about replacing the factory subwoofer and wanted to see if, instead of buying this (to save some cash):

... I would attempt to remove the factory sub myself and do some math to see if I can just buy a sub (of my choice, even though this JL sub above probably rocks) and stick it in the factory's place (even if it involved some DIY tactics).

Looking at all the trim panels though, it appeared it could possible be a litte tricky to remove though so I did some google searching and came across this:

I wanted to share that link with you all because this could be helpful for many different reasons for people wanting to do things themselves.

Seems like a worthy "sticky" link to me :2thumbsup:

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