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MichiganRich 11-12-2013 10:04 PM

First Michigan Snow in my 2014 JGC Laredo E
Hey all, this is my first thread ever-

I live in Benton Harbor, MI and we in the SW corner of the state got hammered with lake effect snow yesterday and today. Surprising since it was so early and so intense!

My new Jeep, an unknown quantity in crappy weather prior, was really terrific. The 17" Forteras aren't snow-biased at all, but they pulled me through everything i pointed it at. I may never have to hit the drive with the snow blower again.

The storm started with sleet and slush and turned to snow in the evening. The plows were not out early and the roads were absolutely covered with 8-10" or so of snow over a base of 'potholed' frozen slush. There were spots where it was really bad... almost like hitting a curb but I was going slowly and the Jeep just kinda shrugged it off. Another benefit of the 17"s I'm sure. They're reasonably handsome for base wheels and the ride quality is superb in my opinion. I went down some bouncy and unplowed side streets just for the fun of it.

Pulling away from the herd at stoplights is intoxicating... it's effortless. Wind and road spray whipping around outside, but the cabin is super quiet and comfy. One of my favorite things about the Jeep so far.

The brakes with their slight lack of initial bite were fine and almost preferable for slick conditions... some more feel would be nice. I'm not a huge fan of the Eco mode, but after it got warmed up it was surprisingly almost ideal for the shift points on the snowy roads... it was really kinda weird, I usually switch it off and I think I preferred it ON for a change...

On the downside, I'm trying to figure out how the auto climate system wants to work, but it's not doing what I like. Occasional foggy glass inside, and it's not heating the footwell as I think it should... any hints? I've switched to manual a lot and that's really annoying... I got spoiled with auto climate that really dialed in the cabin air.

I did confirm my fears that without splash guards, the side panels take a beating. Why do the OEM guards have to be so big and annoying looking>??

It's my first Jeep ever, and it aces the first test. It's nice to know your vehicle is prepared for some honestly bad weather...

wriggly1dog 11-13-2013 07:36 AM

Pics, or it didn't happen.

pattiK 11-13-2013 08:06 AM

I'm glad to read your report. I'm eagerly awaiting the first big one here in Wisconsin. I will second your remarks about the quiet and comfy ride. I haven't looked into splash guards yet, but it sounds like a good investment in the snow belt.

The time now is 06:23 AM.

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