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atinari 11-02-2012 09:38 AM

bushwacker wk2 fender flares at sema
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what do you guys think? I saw these pics on facebook on quadratec's page

kkreit01 11-02-2012 10:02 AM

Those look nice -- but don't go with the wheels. The wheels are too "street"-ish.

TheSiltSurfer 11-02-2012 10:18 AM

Very interesting too bad they won't come painted, but will definitely follow these :)

eibyer 11-02-2012 10:20 AM

Hmmm I dunno, it kinda made it look like a big ford escape... but again, someone mentioned the wheels, maybe that's it.

77rednecktruck 11-02-2012 10:32 AM

lot better than the current black plastic junk around the wheel well now. I like it.

Ben 11-02-2012 10:33 AM

Well I'm glad that bushwacker is offering WK2 aftermarket support, but I'm just not feelin the overall look. Maybe it is the wheels though.

ColdCase 11-02-2012 12:06 PM

That does look nice in white, I think. What are the brand of those wheels/tires?

2MchFun 11-02-2012 12:33 PM

Like kk said - those wheels don't work with the flares.

DirtyDuc83 11-02-2012 01:14 PM

Too much chrome and it needs different wheels. Those flares on an altitude would likely look great.

atinari 11-02-2012 01:29 PM

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Not sure on the brand of wheels or tires. But yea im not sure on the color heres another pic

ColdCase 11-02-2012 01:32 PM

Chrome or no chrome, covering the OEM dark fender trim looks good. Certainly not an off road look painted up like that. Those wheel look like they've come of a Escalade or Tahoe. The centers cover the wheel nuts nicely, if you like that look.

Big50 11-02-2012 03:20 PM

Hmm... I think they may look sharp on the setup i have now but not sure if it's worth it. I need to see them on a more rugged looking setup not a street looking setup like in the pick.

Alaska-HWY JK 11-02-2012 04:17 PM

I've never been a fan of Bushwacker pocket flares on any vehicle.

inhidin 11-04-2012 12:26 PM

Loose the wheels, and most/all the chrome bling and maybe. Picture the same flares on a the forthcoming Trailhawk……maybe.

77rednecktruck 11-05-2012 06:15 AM

am I the only one who likes chrome? :)

When I was broke and trying to get started in my career, I drove old POS cars with no chrome (because it all fell off at some point in it's life). I guess I went through the debadging and dechroming phase already, although mine was not on purpose. My FORD badge on my 88 ranger fell off because the rust hole in the tailgate finally let go. :)

I like the chrome on my Laredo X and actually like the badges on it. I would never add the HEMI badge or anything else, but do like what it came with.

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