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Wj 2014 GC noise problems

I've had my 2014 GC for about a month. Getting significant rattling noise from the back. Thought it might be rear hatch - no; rear seats - no; spare wheel cover ?

Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks

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This is another reason I won't trade up to the refreshed JGC.

I thought that this issue was addressed , guess not.

A lot of people have this issue.

Check thread ,see if you have the same clunk in this discussion...

"Misery loves company"


Unfortunately there is no fix if this is your complaint.
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Originally Posted by LibGrandCher
Unfortunately there is no fix if this is your complaint.
I think there is a fix for this. I have had the same clunking noise and the dealer will be replacing the shock next week and they assured me that the noise will be gone. Couple of other people have also said that replacing shocks have fixed the clunking issue.

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2014 GC noise problem

My 2014 GC Limited has a rear noise problem too: a squeaking sound coming from the passenger side, behind the rear seat, up high, near the headliner.

It sounded like a couple of plastic trim pieces rubbing together to produce the squeak. This would occur at low speeds going over small bumps or when turning or going around a cul-de-sac.

I was shocked at what the dealer found. After having my car for two days, removing all interior trim pieces on the pass. side, and the headliner, the dealer found that 3 spot welds in the frame near the C pillar had not been welded in and were missing. They gave me this news earlier today, said they would spot weld as need but warned me that because of the heat from welding, my paint might be damaged. They said that they would repaint as needed and all would be as good as new....sigh.

I'm certainly second guessing my decision to purchase a Jeep/Fiat product. Spot welding is usually done by robots. How were 3 spot welds missed (3 that we know of)?

Not faulting the dealer but I sure am wondering about Jeep quality control.
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That's a carry over clunk noise from the 2011 to 2013 models.
Dealer says its normal.

Sounds like the issues from 11,12,13 weren't addressed in 2014s.

To top it off the 2014s have these new electrical problems.

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Originally Posted by kblaeser View Post
I've had my 2014 GC for about a month. Getting significant rattling noise from the back. Thought it might be rear hatch - no; rear seats - no; spare wheel cover ?

Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks
If it's the same rattle I have, its the rear cargo area retractable cover. It rattles a little when going over bumps. If you remove the cover, the noise will go away. (i just put it in a corner in my garage. wasn't going to ever use it anyway)
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I got on here hoping someone had a solution to the noise problems. I noticed noise from the right rear within a day or two of buying it. Initially I noticed that the right rear panel just behind the rear wheel was "loose". You could actually push it in about 2 inches more than the left side. I also compared it to other Grand Cherokees on the lot and I knew something wasn't right. After a lot of talking and discussion they finally told me there was a bolt that had come loose and that they would fix it. Well I still have the noise back there and it's driving me crazy. They always try to make you feel like it's just you but I know better.
I even took out all the trays in the back, everything except for the tire. I still hear it.

Hopefully someone will figure it out and let us know.
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Richmac, have you been able to better determine the source of the noise, something more specific than "right rear".

In addition to "right rear" my noise was coming from above the windows though it was hard to pin down beyond that. My dealer kept my car for several days before discovering the source of the noise and they invested a lot of labor to take apart the rear of my car before finding the source. After the headliner was removed the source was found. Here is a not very good description of what they found: there is a metal frame about a foot behind the panoramic sunroof. This frame is in 2 pieces, one on the left side and one on the right side of the car. The 2 pieces are joined together (or not, that's the problem) with structural adhesive. The 2 joined pieces create a hoop. The structural adhesive failed (not a weld as I was originally told). The dealer lined the parts up, added more adhesive and things seem to be OK

I just today spoke with the dealer and they will be sending me a copy of all the paper work that they used to document their repair costs to Jeep. Once I have this paperwork I may be better able to explain the problem and solution using better nomenclature.

Hope this helps.

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I also have a brand new 2014 Grand Cherokee Limited 2WD and have this awful clunking noise coming from the rear of the vehicle when going over lets say a wash board type dirt road and very low speeds? It is driving me crazy I did not buy this thing to baha it but on occassion have to travel down a dirt road and the noise is annoying!!! Any ideas?
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I think any car is going to clunk/rattle on a washboard road... does it do it on paved roads? Thats really the litmus test....
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The original noise was caused by the lower portion of the panel just behind the right rear tire moving against the inner fender well. That was finally fixed after many trips but then the other noise was the shock problem reported by other people for previous models. I took it back in to the dealer and a new tech who knew about the problem, drove it and ordered new shocks. They were installed and the noise has disappeared. Hopefully it won't come back (as reported by others) in the future.
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I have a a 2014 GC Limited too. Just bought and have been experiencing more and more of these little nuisance type defects with build quality. Check to see if the rattle you hear from the back is your rear license plate rattling against the rear lift gate. I had that rattle and was able to fix and minimize significantly by buying a license plate screw set for the lower screw holes of you plate/plate frame. From the factory, my GC had a rubber sleeve where the upper plate screws are screwed into. That rubber sleeve is about 1/2" thick so it it makes a space/gap of 1/2" between the license plate or license plate frame and the rear lift gate. Since there aren't holes to secure the lower holes of plate the lower part of the plate hangs loosely in the wind and will rattle as you go over normal pot holes and especially washboard road.

I purchased a mopar chrome license plate frame and bent the upper hole hinge away from the tailgate (bend them forward) so the plate frame is causing the plate frame to bend towards the lift gate and put some pressure on the lift gate. The lower holes have a set of screws designed for lower plate screw holes and to prevent rattle. They have a rubber backing to prevent metal on metal contact.

Hope this helps.
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My dealer put a couple of rubber self adhesive tabs on the bottom of my plate to hold it away from the tailgate. That was almost a year ago, when I took delivery, and they still work fine.

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My 2011 had little rubber bumpers stuck on the lift-gate at the bottom of the plate to keep the plate from bouncing off the lift-gate metal. Either Jeep is trying to save $1 by eliminating the feature or the dealer forgot to put them on. There is a part number around here somewhere, I think its part of the plate kit.

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I had this noise. 2014 Overland.
I could get on the right rear running board and jump up and down and there would be a clicking, clacking metallic noise from the right rear tire area. The left rear would not do this.
This not right.
I took off the wheel and put a wrench on every nut and bolt there.
Sway bars, shocks mounts, control arms, etc, etc.
Tight, tight.
Brake caliper, pads
Now with the wheel off the rotor is held on with a big O ring but the wheel holds this tight when bolted in place.
I replaced the wheel.

Back on the ground---no noise.
I don't know. I really didn't find anything. Wheel lugs, did I tighten them more than they were?

The shock absorber is just a regular shock absorber.
The air suspension is very simpler just a black thing there where steel springs would be.
That wheel ( shock absorber) has been invented a long time ago. Why all this shock absorber trouble?
I don't see it.

See if a noise when rocking the vehicle side to side.
See if any loose wire bundle or something.
Bump on things.
Exhaust pipes?
Except for the spare tire area there is nothing to rattle if tight.
Put a VFW Lifetime license plate thing on and could see real quick a noise could be from there. Fixed that.
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