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post #106 of 206 Old 07-09-2013, 12:17 PM
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Took my 2012 Grand Cherokee Limited in last week for the promised software update to fix the "fish-biting." Not available yet. Just like it wasn't available for the promised February release date. A real nice rep called later from Chrysler headquarters saying he'd get back with a new date, At least they still talk the talk. But nothing happens.

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Originally Posted by LMI500 View Post
My wife experienced a problem last week while driving my Jeep. The RPMs skyrocketed and the Jeep would barely move forward along with a lot of clunking. She had to pull over on the side of the road and shut it off. When she restarted it the problem was gone. I've been driving it since with no problems. But I contacted two different dealerships to get it in to look at it. Both were booked solid for a week!! But 'we will give a rental car for $30 a day for as long it takes us to fix your car'. Why don't dealerships offer loaner cars instead of me shelling out my hard earned dollars for the manufactuer's F*CKUP!!!!! It pisses me off.
This happened to me and my wife while driving a couples weeks ago and now again to my wife while she was alone yesterday. I called the dealer and they said they are booked but i complained about the issued and expressed concern about my wife being stranded somewhere so they said they would have a tech ride with me to try and recreate the problem because since there was no check engine light they wont be able to really tell what happened... my appointment is tomorrow afternoon so i'll update everyone after that.

There sure is such a big difference in how manufacturer's handle any issues. With my Audi they take you right in without any questions and handle all problems immediately.

I can already see this being a long painful process and they will likely not know anything or be able to help at all. By the way, we have the V6 GC. Not sure if the type of gas matters for us but we use regular 87 all the time and are at 20k miles and just started experiencing the problem.

Our vehicle is a lease however so does it even make sense to complain to chrysler to get a warranty or something else? If its such an issue i would rather us get out of our lease without penalty so we can get a different car. Or actually get some credit and give the car back. I dont want to go back to another chrysler vehicle. we've had transmission issues with every chrysler vehicle since the beginning of time... Caravans, durangos, so on..
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Whoa. Many of us love our w2. Mine is a 2012 hemi overland and we love it. Sorry you are having the problem. In Sept weare supposed to get the fix.
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I have absolutely NO issues with my 2012 GCO HEMI. It performs beautifully in every way. Upshifts, downshifts are all where they are supposed to be. No fishbite, no hesitation, no lagging or any undesirable attributes. Sorry that you are having problems with yours but there are many, many happy people with 5.7L Grand Cherokees.
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Originally Posted by JeepOwner62 View Post

I can not believe the performance of this vehicle. The so called "fish bite" issue with this vehicle is horrible. The vehicle sputters and tugs while driving between 35 and 65 miles per hour. I have had it in the shop twice now for the same fish bite issue and everybody starts out denying the issue until you push and prod them into admitting that this problem has been known for a long time now. Chrysler, it seems, has promised a fix for the problem for a year now. They originally told me by August and as of August 1 still nothing.

It is hard to believe that Chrysler treats customers this way. If you are considering buying a new JGC, I strongly recommend against it. I asked if the new 2014 was any better with the new 8 speed transmission and the service manager told me it was actually worse than the 2013.
No problems with my 13 so far. Sounds like you may need to try another dealer/service dept. I believe I saw a reference to a TSP, or something, for the, "fish bite", issue. In any event, no service dept. should automatically disregard issues you may be having. Again, IMO try another dealer service dept.!

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They all pretty much say the same thing, its operating as it should. Bull crap.

If they don't fix this issue soon, I'm done with Jeep. It'll be my first and last. Completely unacceptable, they should be ashamed of themselves as a company.
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Drove my 2012 5.7L GC from Toronto, Canada to North Carolina and back recently, and I too have this slight 'fish bite' / snatching, or what ever you want to call it, thought the car was going to stop once driving around Washington as it did it so badly. I would like to know if getting the GC reprogrammed with a performance tune will get rid of it, if it will then I might look into that as Jeep/Chrysler don't seem to be doing anything about it.

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So 4 days ago went in for an oil change .

I also complained about the shudder and clunk in rear of truck.

Ya... no satisfaction.


Here is a copy of the bill on the Techs finding.

I calling Chrysler tomorrow!
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Went in got the TSB and a oil change last saturday. Called ahead scheduled it with the service dpt. Walked in got it done andn out the door in 60 minutes.

Have had a noticeable change in the issue. My symptoms were slight as well but noticeable from 30-45 and around 60. The 3-4 gear fishbite is gone. I'm driving to Fl this weekend so I'll have a full idea if it all is fixed when I get back.

Dont ask them, call up schedule the tsb to be done and let that be it. If you are under warranty and you are having the symptoms they have no right to deny you the service. My dealer didnt ask me one question about it.
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Ok over the last week I drove 2300 miles. It appears most if not all fish bite is gone that I had felt from 3rd and 4th gear. On the interstate when accelerating from 60-70 I still felt fishbite. It is noticeably better though and shifting seems to have improved as well.
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Bought 2011 LIMITED HEMI in late-July 2013 with a clean warranty after 24000 of original owner mileage.

First. I had issues with a transmission shutter on acceleration when releasing from corners. My local mechanic and transmission expert said feels like torque converter. I took it to jeep. They did not acknowledge any shutter on road test and diagnostics were clean. They were happy to tell me that the software was updated.

After this flash, massive fish bite when releasing the throttle. My MPG went from 17 to 12. not good. Feels like the brakes are pumping upon release of throttle Also, the transmission shutter on acceleration is more pronounced and frequent.

I returned to jeep. But once again, dealer did not acknowledge the fish bite nor shutter.

Now its late-September, I returned to jeep and met the lead tech with decades of Jeep experience. He did acknowledge the shutter when engaging throttle exiting corners. He thought it was an ESP issue. But again the diagnostics said it was a perfect car. He examined the engine compartment. It seemed odd to him. He re-flashed the software. He told me that this was one of the first Jeeps off the line. This concerns me.

After second flash, the fishbite is slightly better and mpg has increased to 15. However, the transmission shutter as increased. It is more pronounced and frequent. it appears in straightaways, too. only in 3-4-5 gears. it is intermittent, but easily recreated with autostick.

I am sick to my stomach. I cannot afford to dump this car. Plus i really like it otherwise.

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i just drove from Cleveland to Columbus, OH. 250 miles. At least 30 obvious incidences of torque converter shutter. My passenger commented on the poor suspension, he was shocked when I told him the rumble came from the drivetrain.
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Its been a year and 4 months since I originally posted this.
Still no software fix - a real disappointment since the jeep is otherwise great.
I just can't stand the transmission - whole thing has been horrible.
Never again ...
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the transmission has been far and away the worst thing about this car that I otherwise love,, I so badly want to keep this truck after the lease but if my tranny stays this way I don't think I can...

I am going to start another thread but my problem is the slipping feeling under light throttle I am almost positive that it is the torque converter not locking up correctly... I know everyone talks about fishbite which I have felt, but that seems to mostly go away when I switch out of auto... I do have a tune and this motor can really shine when it wants to, but regular driveability is a disaster I also had the latest software update done with made it much better, but 2 weeks later it seems like the effectiveness of the new update is wearing away, just like my patientce. it is bs that they cant fix this, for me if they told the converter to lock up sooner 90 percent of my problem would disappear...
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I have a 2012 Jeep Patriot that we bought in June and it has the same problems as what everybody in this thread is posting (fish-bite, won't accelerate good going uphill, feels like it shifts way too soon and is being dragged back, rolls back on hills, etc). It has been in the Jeep service almost more than we have had it.

The transmission has already been replaced once when I told them to check it "whining"...sounded like an old power steering pump low on fluid. It is doing it again but now they say they don't hear it, cant get it to "replicate any of the problems I am telling them", and that all "seems normal" . After reading here, I now know I am not crazy.

It is going back in tomorrow morning as the check engine light is on again for about the 5th or 6th time. I have never been so frustrated in my life. Any advice or help?

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