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enlistment advise

I am almost 17 and want to enlist in the military in a little over year when I graduate. The only thing is that I have no idea what I want to enlist in. I feel like the best thing to do is discuss it with people who have all ready been there. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

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Go talk to a recruiter from each branch of service. Before you do that though, you need to decide what career field that you are interested in. What do you want to do?

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AmbuGrl is right, also...

Your ASVAB test scores will determine how many job choices you are eligible for. High enough ASVAB scores will allow you to pick what job you want from a larger selection. There are several places online that provide ASVAB practice tests and prep material - use them.

The recruiter is not like an agent that works on your behalf - he works for his/her service to fill needed manning positions. They are going to try and "sell" you a job they need to fill or to join without choosing a job at all with the possibility that you can work toward your preferred job in time. They aren't bad people - they're just doing their duty and filling badly needed jobs with fresh recruits. You need to study for the ASVAB test to reverse the situation in the recruiter office. You need to be able to walk in there and let them know what job you want and accept nothing else. If your scores are high enough, you can do it. I know because that's what I did. I have a ton of military in my family so I knew this going in.

The second thing you're going to have to decide is what service and this is really dependent on what kind of work you like to do, how long you want to be in, how often do you like to move, how technical you are, etc.

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Also, what lifestyle are you looking for? Do you like a more laid back atmosphere Or, do you want more structure and field time? Each branch will be different depending on with what job you choose.

I chose the Marine Corps over the other Army as I felt the recruiter here for the Army was sub par. He came to my parents house and talked with all of us in his pt gear chewing gum and spoke to my parents like they were back on the block. The Marine recruiter came in his dress blues and spoke to my parents in a very professional manor. That alone made me pick the Marines.

I scored in the 93rd percintile with a gt score of 127. I could have chose just about any job in all 4 branches, so don't feel pressured that just because you score well on the asvab you must choose a technical job. There are in fact a lot of smart grunts out there who only want to be just that, a grunt.

Best of luck, and as i am biased, I say go Marines. They have their own ground, sea and air Force. Best of all worlds. Not to mention the best uniforms....

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I would have to say more structure. I get up early and i like to exercise daily.
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You need to do as the Ambugrl, and Ridgerat have suggested. They are Giving good advice.

All advice should be leavened with salt, nwiTJdave is biased towards the Corps. I am biased towards the Army.

I do highly recommend that whatever branch you choose, do yourself a favor go see the world on Uncle Sam's dime. See how good we really have it here in the USA.
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research, research, research. that is my advice to you. you do not want to get stuck in a branch or job that you will end up being unhappy with for a few years. I did not do any research really and ended up with Navy Submarines...but it turned out that i loved my choice and i wound not have it any other way. but i saw a lot of people come and go... good luck on whatever you do
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Also I have a friend who enlisted after I did and chose to be an 88M in the national guard. His decision was swayed heavily by the fact that he just wanted to leave as soon as possible for training. I ended up with a 9 month wait to ship out in the Army, he shipped out after a month. He now is in AIT and hates his MOS and wishes he would have gone into the Army. Don't be impatient, but don't assume your dream job is going to fall into your lap. Any discussion about what job you could potentially get is speculation until you go to MEPS. You can only pick a job they need people for. Even if they reserve the job you still have to be physically qualified for it. My eyesight disqualified me from the job i reserved a few days prior, so at MEPS i had to pick a new one.

Don't stress about the asvab to much if your coming right out of school. I brushed up my math a little and did very well. A good portion of it is common sense, you can't study for that.

I hear from a lot of people that say something like "I'll tell them I'm not going to sign unless I get X job" truth is that doesn't work now days. They didn't choose you, you chose them. They only need people in certain jobs, so they will just go to the next person on their list.

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Originally Posted by signal34 View Post

I hear from a lot of people that say something like "I'll tell them I'm not going to sign unless I get X job" truth is that doesn't work now days. They didn't choose you, you chose them. They only need people in certain jobs, so they will just go to the next person on their list.
I'm going to stress this part. Right now, we are in a draw down, and with the economy there are plenty of recruits. Research a variety of jobs to put down on your list so that you have a decent chance to get something you want. Personally I'm biased towards the Air Force, though I agree with nwiTJdave on the uniforms when it comes to the dress blues at least.

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Another thing to remember is we normally cut down the military after wars we are "done" with Iraq and we are "finishing" up in Afghanistan the Army is drawing down by a pretty substantial sum, I would guess the other services are too (the marines maybe not so much you know "the few, the proud"). What I am trying to get at is once you do go see the recruiter and go to the MEPS station if you don't see anything you like out of the 200+ jobs the Army has to offer they very well could say "Have a nice day"... when we were getting ready to go into Iraq and Afghanistan we lowered the standard to come into the Army and now we are about to kick a bunch of people out because of being over strengthed. Sometimes being picky means not having a job but as the people before me stated... you need to narrow down what sort of job you would like to do, right now you are pretty vague about it, each service has structure and they all have some sort of PT test, so get your mind right, figure out what you want, go talk to a recruiter from all 5 branches (Coast Guard included) and talk it over with your parents then decide about the service. The Army is for everyone, everyone is not for the Army

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My 2 cents if it hasn't been said....

GET IT IN WRITING!!! No matter what any recruiter promises you, it doesn't mean squat if it's not in writing. I was going to be a Marine when a Marine said... Go Air Force. I like structure and had kicked around crossing over some 17 years ago, but don't regret the 21yrs I've given so far to the Air Force.

Like it's been said every service offers many things, you need to find out which one offers you what you want and look to get out of an enlisment.


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You want what, when?
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Joining any of the branches is commendable! I am biased to not only the Army but also Airborne! But to each their own! As an ASVAB test administrator I can also tell you that they are 100% correct in telling you to prepare for the asvab. There are free practice test available and we have a "Career Exploration" program where we test High School students in 8 of the 9 sections of the ASVAB and return the results to your HS guidance counselor. Those test score are eligible for enlistment purposes and will provide you a baseline for your skills. Right now most services have a minimum score of 50 for enlistment. There can be exceptions but the are RARE! So many people are looking for work right now the bar has been raised and many applicants are going in with scores over 80. I personally scored 92 on the ASVAB and it made a lot of jobs available for me. I actually had to take language, mechanical and other additional tests at MEPS(Enlistment Processing) and other jobs were offered to me there. I chose to go with the Airborne position because of enlistment bonus and my adrenaline junkie personality I made a huge mistake by not taking the Navy Nuclear Power School offered to me back then Good luck in your endeavors .... one other note of advice. 20 years may seem like a long time now ... but a lifetime of pride and retirement is a great reward. Who knows if many civilian companies will even have retirement by the time you are old enough to retire.

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I agree one hundred percent with everything that has been said so far. One thing to do is join a forum that service members actually talk about their job. Remember recruiting videos only show you the glorious parts of a job. For instance field artillery great job to have in the field and when downrange. However in garrison you change MOS to become a combat janitor.
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Everyone has given good advice one other thing id like to add try and pick a job thats going to benefit you if you decide to get out. I work on unmanned aerial vehicles for the marines i have a lot of options for me when i get out and since its growing field my mos is upsizing while the rest of the corp is downsizing. Personally id tell you to go marines but the other branches a good as well main thing id stress though is pick something that is going to benefit your future dont rush it and dont settle for the job the recruiter might want you to do my brother did that hes a heavy equipment operator and he cant stand his job me on the other hand i love my job.
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Go to college, do your first years on your dime, and then sign a contract with one of the branches for ROTC. They will then pick up the tab and pay you a stipend (read small paycheck) while you finish school.

Then you will get your commission!

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