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LibertyHopeful 06-14-2010 03:32 PM

Is there a winch bumper for the KK?
Long story short, was just out offroading with a clan of Jeeps yesterday and the trail was definitely not rated for my stock KK and even difficult for the Rubicons out there so while I made it through (or to hell and back as I can it), I busted a few parts. (Next time, I ain't going until I've got a 4" lift and 33" wheels.)

Need to replace my front bumper now and was wondering if there's a winch bumper out there for the KK so I can just grab that instead of replacing with OEM.

Anyone know if there's a winch bumper for the KK currently on the market?

MtnLuvr 06-21-2010 12:34 PM

Not yet (in the U.S.). In Austrailia, a few have a TJM but as far as I know, TJM won't respond to any U.S. inquiries.

The time now is 12:33 PM.

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