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britt22 01-14-2010 02:49 PM

Prices Paid for 2009/2010 Liberty Limited
Thanks! to EVERYONE who replied to my question:
Liberty vs. Wrangler Unlimited.

All the many replies have been not only very informative, but also some great and fun reading. Pictures especially. :2thumbsup:

So, after much consideration,
we have decided to go forward with purchasing a 2010 Liberty Limited with the Sunslider option among other things. (great to hear such positive feedback regarding the Sunslider).

Now, I just want it like yesterday...
but, must first see who wants to sell us one and for what....

Curious to know what kind of purchase agreements others have negotiated in the last few months. ?
We do know current rebates, but was wondering if anyone out there knows current dealer hold backs ?
On, there is a dealership in North Carolina that offers buyers of instock cars:
Invoice less 1/2 of dealer's holdback (plus rebates still given).
This seems about as aggressive as possible.
Has anyone gotten this kind of deal - or, better ??

Thanks again for any and all input regarding final price or buying experience.

mike79 01-14-2010 04:07 PM

I purchased an 09KK Rocky Mountain 4 months ago.

First, I love it.

Sticker after options was 28.5k, minus 6000 in rebates, minus 1000 for having another Jeep in the family. Came to 21.5, plus tax and all the other nonsense. I did not qualify for 0% financing due to taking advantage of all the rebates, however I got a great deal on the loan. Not to mention the lifetime warranty on the drivetrain! (09 was the last year they offered this)

britt22 01-14-2010 05:05 PM

wow Mike79 - you did get a steal of a deal...very cool.

You've got me very curious -
what $6,000.00 in rebates did you qualify for ? -
We were considering this last fall, the Unlimited too,
and I don't ever remember seeing rebates that high.

Also, I am curious what the Rocky Mtn. Limited has that is special ?
they must not offer that option now - but I wished they did.
I like the name of it....

mike79 01-14-2010 08:56 PM

Rocky Mountain is a sport but with 17" wheels, roof rails, sunroof, upgraded cloth seats, tinted windows, AC power outlet, touch screen radio with 30 gig hard drive, and I think that may be it. I could be missing a few things.

The rocky mountain is basically a limited minus the leather, and chrome package (I think) and you cannot get the nav with the RM.

THe deal I got was a special they were running in September. 6k in rebates. My buddy went and he was able to get an extra $800 back on top of the 6k through some lottery Chrysler was running. The deal was so good, he went back and got a second for his wife.

ColdCase 01-15-2010 05:35 AM

If you work for a company that supplies Chrysler you can take advantage of the suppier rates which is invoice minus 5% or so. If not, and negotiate hard, you may be able to get something similar. When I was shopping in Sept, none of the dozen dealers I contacted would sell at a loss. So expect the best you can do is invoice less whatever the current rebate is. Different regions of the country have more or less rebates, so find the region thats offering the most (enter different zipcodes at, you may be able to convice a local dealer to match. There is not a whole lot of difference between MSRP and the dealer invoice, maybe 5%. So the big swinger is in the rebates and incentives. I found several Liberties that were sitting on the lot for more than 8 months but the dealers still refused to sell them below their cost. They would just let you walk.

Edmunds and KellyBB will give you a figure close but a little below dealer invoice. They will also provide a figure of what individuals are paying.

If you want a specific color and option list, build your jeep at and ask it to find your jeep. You will get a list of dealers within x miles of the zip code you entered with a matching vehicle. You can get a sense of what the product inventory is like. If you are lucky you will find several dealers that will compete for your $$. Visit the dealers web site to confirm availability then call or visit.

If I remember correctly, In late Sept we purchased a $29500 MSRP Rocky Mt Liberty (no dealer installed options) for roughly $21000 given all the rebates, about $7000 in rebates and $1500 discount, and they waved their usual $300 documentation fee. When you shop, make sure you ask what the documentation fee is, they can range from $20 to $500 or so.

Oh the $7000 rebate/incentive was something like $5000 from Chrysler, $1000 from the NE region dealers, $1000 Chrysler loyalty (own any Chrysler product not just a Jeep). These rebates seemed to come and go weekly, peaking late Sept and October. The Grand Cherokee model had even larger incentives, putting them near the same price range, out the door, as the liberty. Wranglers had few, if any, incentive $$.

aimetti 01-15-2010 07:07 AM

mine isnt a limited but a 2009 sport 4x4 w/ popular accessory package / slider roof / full size spare.
sticker was 29000 or so. Got the main price down to 27,500 then took off 5000 regular rebate - 1000 for trading in a dodge dakota (which broke even pretty much) so i got it for around 21500 before tax etc. This was back in october when they had some big deals on the leftovers.

jeepster09 01-15-2010 08:26 PM

I live in the Detroit area.I purchased a fully optioned (sky slider, Skid plates tow pkg nav, selectrac, etc) 09 Liberty Limited in April 09. It stickered out at $34,500. I am a Chrysler retiree. with my employee discount, company rebate, dealer rebate and other incentives, it cost me $24,500 out the door. I thought that to be a very good price for an exceptional vehicle. the transaction took 15 minutes. the dealer asked me what it would take to sell me a car right then. I told him. he beat me by $500. an offer I couldn't refuse. so I know he still made money from the deal. he had that car sitting in his lot for 3 months, and was eager to get rid of it.

capsfloyd 05-28-2010 09:55 AM

In Dallas the best deal till june 1st, 2000 rebate or 0%.. We got dealers invoice plus all the hold back[800].. THE FINACE MGR worked really good on extended warranty, paint/dent, interior protection at his cost.
They will have diff. incintives starting June 1st?
Good Luck... You can not compare any 09's to 2010.. My 09 rambox crew, had discounts to 12,000 off msrp, lifetime warranty. I bought the maxcare [bumper to bumper ] for 1800.00
My wife likes her Liberty 2wd , she came out of a fully loaded Mazda RX 8 ???
Good luck

jmccormick 06-11-2010 04:10 PM

2010 Liberty Limited every option

$26,000 0% financing

geene519 06-11-2010 08:33 PM

MSRP was just over 28k...after rebates and what not, walked away with mine for 19.5k

nickwc 06-14-2010 12:15 PM

Sticker was $27k got it for $21k with 0% financing.

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