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itsgrooveybaby 01-23-2011 08:04 PM

Keyless Entry Issue!
when i lock my jeep the horn chirps, in my manual it says to disable it hold down the "lock" button for 4-10 seconds and press the panic button then let go of them both....i gave my neighbors a good show yesturday as i tried this forever with no success looking like a goof! :2thumbsup:

what the F$#$#$ MAN

also it says to disable the headlights from going on when you un-lock refer to the EVIC center? but i have a sport base model with no EVIC center?

what the F$#$#$ MAN

GenSeaGreen 02-02-2011 11:20 AM

No Horn
Ok, just did it last night on my wife's 2008 liberty. I had troubles at first because I was counting to 4 seconds before pushing the panic button. When I got it to work I had the Jeep unlocked, pushed & held the lock button then pushed down on the panic button well before 4 seconds had gone by & I quickly let off both buttons at the same time. Now just the sweet sound of doors locking.

The time now is 11:05 PM.

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