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pakman325 10-19-2013 01:32 PM

Cheapest U Connect Options
Do any of you know what the least expensive option would be to acquire/install a uconnect module for my 2008 Liberty KK (Limited) with the RES headunit? It appears that there is already a mic installed up near my rearview mirror (but not on the mirror as I know is the preferred option).

Is there a chance that the unit is installed, but not enabled? How/where would I check? The cloth barrier below the glove box has obviously been modified, but I think the car may have been stripped of some options like this before it was sold to me.

MyJKU14 10-19-2013 07:00 PM

Do you have the phone button on the radio unit? If so push it.... if it's enabled and present it will say UConnect ready or phone ready. If not it will flash Phone Not Available or something similar.

pakman325 10-19-2013 09:26 PM

Yeah, it's the RES, with the phone and voice buttons. They say not available, but I wondered if the module may be there but not flashed, as the mic is present.

It could be stripped out though, as seemed to be the case with the remote start equip...

MyJKU14 10-19-2013 09:29 PM

It's possible it was taken out. Mine came with the phone and voice buttons but still had to pay $550 or so to get the module installed. I dunno how you would go about finding out if it's all there though other than going to a dealership.

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bradbb2005 10-26-2013 11:12 AM

Pull the radio out and check for the module in the back, prob got taken out. Those modules cost 250+ just for the part, not surprising someone would take it out.

We just bought an 08 and it didn't have, I'm just going aftermarket for a Bluetooth radio, stock is wayyyy too expensive.

LKWJEEPER 10-26-2013 07:07 PM

All of the stereo's come with the phone and voice buttons. Your best bet to get a cheap Uconnect setup is to get something used off ebay.

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