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Korruptor 02-10-2011 10:16 AM

centre rear brake cover same on all KK's?
I need a new cover for it (the red plastic)
Will a part from any KK model year (08 - present) fit my 2008?

I pressurewashed it a couple days ago and water was coming in from the roof inside the trunk area. I noticed at that point the cover was cracked so I assume that's where the water came in.

I called the dealer and they said that I can't buy just the cover, I need the entire assembly at $57. I asked if other model years would fit but they said no, but I get the feeling they did not actually look (by how they responded).
I looked at junkyards but none of them have scrapped 2008's.

SuperRliBerty 02-10-2011 12:19 PM

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The water may not have come from the broken light cover. the high pressure water probably enter between the liftgate and frame seal.

There is a rubber seal on the frame that seals the liftgate when close. with the liftgate close, Take a water hose and pour water on the enter liftgate and 3rd brake light assembly,... wait til it drain off.... open the lift gate and the seal should keep the water out.

Just break down and buy the 3rd brake light assembly. Be sure to re-install the black rubber gasket with the new 3rd brake light assembly.

If you are repairing the light cover, DO NOT USE SUPER GLUE!
Use clear two-part epoxy. let dry overnight

I only pressure wash my wheels and tire when I go mudding, and hand wash the body.

Korruptor 02-11-2011 06:35 AM

I'll do that test first and see if I can find where it comes in. Thanks for the tip of where to look!

I actually have some two part epoxy when I was repairing body panels on my motorcycle. If its still good (should be) I'll try that to fix it before buying a new one.

Thanks again!

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