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malt4101 07-07-2013 09:46 AM

08 Liberty Rear Window probs
Seem like this should be an easy solution, but have a weird problem. Neither of my rear windows will roll down. I have tried from drivers controls and each door with and without the safety switch engaged. Passenger window will roll down, but only from driver control too. What is really odd is that when you hold the button up, the dash lights dim for just a second, telling me that the switch is engaging the up side of the motor. Any ideas?

khalilw 07-07-2013 02:06 PM

check the connectors inside the driver's door, remove door's inner panel and you will find 4 o 5 connectors next to the dashboard, don't be afraid of plug them in the wrong place because they won't plug in, they will only plug in the right hole.

You need to remove 2 screws before taking the panel out.

One of them is in the left bottom corner, its a little screw, the other one is next to the door handle, behind the plastic, remove that little panel that supports the handle and you'll be able to remove it.

With both screws removed, pull the door panel upwards and it will come out. :cheers2:

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