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Jeep Information

Year:05 Wrangler

Model:Unlimited LJ



Transfer Case:Stock

Front Axle:Stock

Rear Axle:Stock

Axle Gear Ratio:Stock


Tires:30.5" Good Year Wrangler Duratracs

Wheels:Factor 17" Rubicon

Future Modifications:2.5" Sky Jacker Lift

Need some advise. New to forum

I have a 05 Wrangler LJ for my build platform. I'm looking to install a 2.5" Sky Jacker Lift Kit. I already have the lengthend shocks and coil springs for the front and rear. I also have the Sky Jacker double quick disconnects for the front sway bar.

Note: Automatic with Overdrive

#1. I'm thinking about running 33" tires. I hear if you only increase the tire size around 10% there will be no need to recalubrate the speedometer. Is this the case? I currently have 30.5" and a 10% increase would put me around 33.5" tire, which I'm thinking of running 33" tires

#2. I also would like your opinion about the power drop with the inline 6 cylinder running 33" tires. I would rather not get into rear gearing with this build. I have thought about dropping back to 32" tires. I am currently running the stock 245mm = 30.5" I do also tow a popup that weighs around 2,500 lbs.

#3 I know with the LJ I have a longer wheel base by about 10" reducing the need for the transfer case drop. I have also read where with a 2 1/2" lift I can run a max tire size of 32". I have noticed that some lifts at 2 1/2" allow for 33" tires. With my current lift I have the 4 coils and longer shocks and that is it. To install the 33" tires would I need to add longer bump stops to keep the tires from damaging the finders. With that being said would I be better off to run 32" tires without the extended bump stops and have more movement than restriction due to the longer bump stops.

Thanks, Eddie


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View Frankie1119's Jeep
08-12-2012, 01:59 PM
I'm not sure if it helps but I have about a 2" lift on my LJ and run 33x12.50x15 ad they don't rube. Then again I also have the after market front and rear bumpers. I'm actually trying to go down to 32's because my LJ is not geared to run the 33's. The RPM's are almost always high, between 3-4 every time I go up hills, no matter what size they are. There for I waste a lot more fuel by doing that. I wouldn't mind buying 4:10 gears, but what's the power drop for the 6l? Never heard of it.

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View Frankie1119's Jeep
08-12-2012, 02:01 PM
The back

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