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Jeep Information


Model:Unlimited Sahara

Engine:Aluminum Block 426 Hemi

Transmission:G56 6 Speed

Transfer Case:Atlas II 2-Speed Transfer Case

Front Axle:Currie RockJock III

Rear Axle:Currie RockJock III

Axle Gear Ratio:Superior 5.38

Suspension:Rock Krawler 5.5 X Factor Coil Over Plus + HD Drag Link & Tie Rod - Front and Rear 14" Coil-Overs

Tires:Pitbull Rocker Radial 41.5x13.50-17

Wheels:Walker Evans Beadlock 17x8.5 3.5" BS

Armor:2011 Sponsor Gear TBA January 30th

Recovery Gear:Warn Powerplant

Accessories:'09 Mygig (AllGIG), SRT-8 Seats, 3 Gal Airtank, Complete Delta Xenon Lights, Wildboar Fastback T-Top

Future Modifications:Big builds completed. Just fix whatever may break.

"CAIN" An '07 JK Steel Blue Unlimited Sahara Build

Rock Krawler 5.5" X Factor Plus Coil Over Long Arm + Heavy Duty Drag Link and Tie Rod with Rock Krawler's Aluminum Remote Reservoir 14" 2.0 Coil-Overs at All Four Corners 14-250 16-350 Spring Rates
Rubicon Electric Disconnect Swaybar
Currie Rock Jock Dana 60's Front and Rear
Superior 5.38 Gears
Custom 1350 Driveshafts
ARB Lockers
PSC Steering With Cooler
Atlas II 2-Speed Transfer Case
Aluminum Block 426 Hemi
G56 6-Speed Transmission (Same found in manual Ram 3500 Pickups)
Ansani Design's Ram Air Hood (Painted to Match)
Transmission Cooler
Dual Yellow Top Optima Batteries for sound system and winch and a Red Top Battery for motor and accessories
Woods Trunk (holds dual yellow top batteries)
Walker Evans Beadlocks 17x8.5" 5x5.5 at 3.5" Back Spacing (Ring Painted to Match)
41.5x13.50-17" Pitbull Rocker Radials
Blitz Gerry Cans Painted To Match
Warn Powerplant with Viking Orange 3/8x100' Synthetic Line with Winch Safety Thimble Eye and 10' HD Line Protector
AEV ProCal
Front and Rear SRT-8 Bucket Seats (Power and Heated)
Delta Quad Bar Xenon Headlights
Delta Xenon Fog Lights
Delta Skybar Xenon Lightbar
Delta 150 Driving Lights
Delta Windshield Light Mounts
LED Rock/Trail Lights at all 4 Wheel Wells
Custom "12VoltGuy" Switch Panel for Lights, Air, Winch, and Atlas Hi/Low Gears
3 Gallon On-board Air Tank
2 Air Chucks Routed to Front and Rear Bumpers
Tail Gate (Custom Sheet-metal to Smooth it out and Raised JEEP Lettering)
Relocated Radio Antenna to Rear Bumper and Replace it with Trail Rated Badge
Cobra 75 WX ST
102" Whip Antenna
Wild Boar Fastback T-Top Painted to Match
Modified LOD Trail Rack to install behind rear seats for extra storage.
Complete Speaker Upgrade (still looking for the right speakers)
Full FatMat Interior (Double Layered)
Sponsor Stickers

Rugged Ridge XHD Front Bumper + Stinger
Rugged Ridge XHD Skid Plate
LOD Signature Series Shorty Rear Bumper Gen2 Tire Carrier
LOD Rock Rails
LOD Gerry Can Holders
LOD Trail Rack
Rock Hard Transmission, Transfer Case, Gas Tank, and Evap Skid Plates
Rock Hard Full Safety Cage
Xenon Flat Fenders (Painted to Match)

Last 9 items above will be replaced with sponsor products. 2011 sponsors will be announced 30 January.


here are 4 of the latest pics.

engine is removed. woods trunk is installed. sheetmetal work for the srt-8 seats is in work. 1" body lift installed. this is only done to prevent us from having to ut a cross member for the rea seat install. gives us a little more space.

also the Atlas 4-Speed Transfer case throwout bearing is done. lots of metal shavings in the oil. noticed it when 4ws.com drained the oil to change it.

Advanced Adapters is sending a 2 speed out with a 4.3:1 ratio. should work fine until their redesigned 4 Speed units are relased. i rarely used the 3:1 and 10:1 on the 4-speed anyways.

Follow Build At:
RockCrawl.org - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube

4ws.com - Pitbull Tires - Rock Krawler Suspension


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Registered User
View DeepSky's Jeep
12-30-2009, 04:36 PM
Bad --- *** --- Build


View Liquor's Jeep
12-30-2009, 07:15 PM
SRT-8 seats are being installed. 2nd matching set for the rear are on order. 12VoltGuy switch panel (Dr. Dirty's displayed). mine will be the same minus the 12 volt port

added more images including a stock pic on day of purchase back in Oct 2006.

Build Phase II started

Registered User
View spedmister's Jeep
01-08-2010, 02:20 AM
this is pretty much my dream jeep sick build man


View Liquor's Jeep
02-05-2010, 03:30 PM
Found used JK tailgate, will source the JEEP logo from a CJ tailgate. Call it the "Frakengate".

Stock radio antenna has been relocated to the rear bumper. Front seats are wider than the JK seats and are being a real pain to install. Should be done today. Rears wont be so much trouble and start next week.

Headlights are installed, winidshield mounts shipped with wrong mounting hardware. Everything is being wired now. Air tank location could be cubby hole or just hack off the muffler and put it there.

Still waiting for Wheel, Axles, and Atlas to ship in. Could be a few more weeks for them.


View Liquor's Jeep
02-10-2010, 03:35 PM
added 3 more images. front passenger seat install finished. front driver's seat mounts done but still working the wiring for heater and power adjust.

delta headlights are isntalled and look great.

rear seats have a big issue. lack of space. looks like i will loose the tuffy security deck so we can move the seats back about 4-6 inches rear and 3-4 inches inboard to make up the room. the SRT-8 seats are bulkier than the stock rear bench seat.


View Liquor's Jeep
02-10-2010, 07:48 PM
Added one more pic just came in. the rest of the lights are installed.
the windshield mount screws Delta sent were the incorrect size.
They arrived today and installed.


View Liquor's Jeep
03-14-2010, 04:30 AM
3 more pics added...

Currie RockJock III and rear Rock Krawler coil-over mounts installed

New Walker Evans Beadlocks wrapped with Pitbull MadDogs. Note: Ring painted to match

New JK tailgate with a small mod added to it


View mclaggan123's Jeep
03-26-2010, 03:17 PM
ay interest in selling the tuffy security deck?


View Liquor's Jeep
04-25-2010, 02:39 PM
right now i'm hanging onto the tuffy security deck.

removed older pics, added latest pics and my youtube video


View Liquor's Jeep
07-22-2010, 03:13 PM
I added 2 more videos. I just made a 4th but, still need to upload it to youtube.

The build list updated to current build Phase III. Hemi gets installed.
Main Build Phases will be completed soon. So I have marked the project completed. Just minor corrections and/or fixes due to trail damage from now on.

Lots of body work for the rear SRT-8 bucket seat install. Could still loose the tuffy rear security deck. I will know more when Kevin and team at 4ws.com sharpen their claws on it.

cya on the trails!!


View Liquor's Jeep
10-02-2010, 09:07 AM
Minor "CAIN" Update added.

Engine removed, transfer case is blown (Atlas 2-Speed will replace it), Woods Trunk installed. Added pics of the current build.


View Liquor's Jeep
01-29-2011, 05:39 AM
2010 Sponsors 4ws.com, Rock Krawler Suspension, and Pit Bull Tires have signed on for another year. I also picked up 2 more sponsors for 2011. I will annouce them January 30th.

New front and rear bumpers, rock sliders, skid plates, and roll cage will be installed using latest sponsor products.

Big plans this year. I will be attending many events from April through August. If you missed out on seeing "CAIN" in person, there is a very good chance you will see it this summer!!

Easter Jeep Safari
Big Bend National and Big Bend Ranch State Parks in Texas
Jeep Beach in Daytona Beach Florida
SMORR ORV in Springfield Missouri with MilitaryJeepers.com (Camp MJ Mid-West)
Hot Springs ORV in Arkansas
Big Dogs ORV in Gore Virginia with MilitaryJeepers.com (Camp MJ East-Coast)
Black Hills with MilitaryJeepers.com
Camp MJ Rocky Mountains with MilitaryJeepers.com (from Ouray to Moab back to Grand Junction)
Rausch Creek for Topless for Tata's
Kansas Rocks
Tuttle Creek Kansas

cya there

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