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Model:Wrangler TJ

Engine:2.5L 5-Speed

Suspension:4 in.

Tires:33 in. Duratracs

Recovery Gear:9,000 lb winch

Accessories:KC lights

Having trouble taking off currently! I just had the clutch replaced 2 weeks ago, but I burnt it up a little bit yesterday while romping around in the mud. It smoked a little and you could smell it strong. When I'm taking off in first, it jerks really bad and it didn't do this before I got stuck yesterday. It's a 5-speed manual. Any help on what it could be? Is it the clutch again already?


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06-04-2013, 04:17 PM
First time driving manual? In neutral with the clutch out, does it make any noise? Rattling or minor clicking sound?
Sounds normal considering a new comer to the manual world.

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