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I have had my new too me 06 rubicon for a little over a month now and three times now either I have been stepping on the gas hard to pull out or I was accelerating hard up a hill the engine would kinda act like if was bogged down till I back off the gas. once i get back on it and the RPMs reach 2250 rpm and it acts like the rev limiter is kicking in till I back off of it. once I get back to 2250 rpm the RPMs start bouncing again. to make it stop all I have to do is pull over and turn it on and off. the CEL gives code P0206 which is open circuit on injector number 6. I have cleaned the connection but it has done it again. I have been pointed forwards the OPDA but haven't check it and also the injector being bad but haven't replaced it yet. the dealership said that at some point water has gotten in the gas but they will know more tomorrow. is this BS or is that possible?


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