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Model:TJ Sport

Engine:4.0 I6

Axle Gear Ratio:3.07 Craptastic


Tires:Duratrac 31x10.5



Recovery Gear:Strap and a D ring

Accessories:Bits and pieces

Welp...this is my ride but Im stuck right now. Ive got the 3.07 so going bigger than the 31s means either I shell out big money or risk damaging my drivetrain. I would like to get a better ratio but Ill probably just buy a built Jeep from someone and sell this one. In the end the cost is similar. Im not a gearhead so pulling axles wouldnt work for me, Id have to pay someone.

For being a stocker it does pretty well though. I took it on a private 4x4 course in Trollhaugen, WI and got over some stuff that larger Jeeps had trouble with. Then again I had to mash the gas petal and bang the hell out of it to make it through. Its been a good toy but I want bigger so I can craw over stuff instead of flying over it.

I wish I had known about gear ratios when I bought it used, I would have kept looking.


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05-04-2017, 12:52 AM
Crawl ratio is the issue. There are two ways to approach this problem. Either rehear both axels or change your transfer case ratio. Standard ratio is 2.7:1. For about $1100 you can go to a teraflex low range box. This will drop your ratio to 4:1. If you get a atlas 2 you can go up to 10:1.
So what does this mean? The 4:1 ratio is equivalent to changing your axel ratios to 4.54:1 in low range.
Now look at tires. No matter what you do the differential is the lowest point. A bigger tire only raises this half the distance. This means a 33" tire only gives you an inch of more clearance and a 35" two inches.
Both are heavier and wider. They may look cool but you'll pay for it in lower gas mileage, decreased breaking and more wear and breakage of drive components.
Sure it's not an out of the box crawler but it will handle most trails.

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