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Blower fan not blowing at all

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So here's the deal, I haves 2000 jeep wrangler 4.0 I've searched the forum as much as I could and I couldn't seem to find my exact problem. Earlier today I was doing a little wheeling and I hit a few bumps and mud holes and my blower stopped, came back on, then stopped again, then came back on, then once more stopped for good. None of the fan settings work the blower will not blow at all. I pulled the dash apart and looked behind all the switches and none of them seemed to be melted. I also saw that the blower resistor stops working for whatever reason as well. So I ordered one and plan on putting it in when it comes in. (Even if this isn't the problem I'm just troubleshooting and at least I'll have a new one). The weird thing about it all is that while I'm driving, heat is coming out of the vents still. Almost like air from outside is pushing it through. I'm not exactly sure how the air ducts are ran but that's why I'm on the forum haha. Any help is appreciated. I'm hoping it's not the motor itself. Cheers


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