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Transmission:6 speed

Activation of ESP on straight dry road caused lockup of left rear brake and loss of throttle control. ESP light was on & of during this incident which occurred frequently for about two miles and 10 minutes of driving. Turning off ESP did not change the situation. Took it to dealer next day and for $125 told me they couldn't find an error code for this incident and could not find anything wrong. It is extremely scary when you are trying to accelerate and your throttle doesn't respond. Steering jerks to left like the 4 wheel drive is engaged and you are trying to pull into a parking space. This while going about 30 miles an hour and trying to go straight.
Anyone have any luck getting this fixed.
I had the computer module replaced a year ago when both the security light and low tire warning light kept coming on intermittently. $1000 fix was cured by re-programming after three different visits for about 7 days total.
Concerned to let my wife drive it now.


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RIP one good jeeper
View Anticanman's Jeep
12-03-2012, 01:52 AM
I think you need to post this up in jk tech to get an answer.


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