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Engine:Inline 6 4.0L FI


Transfer Case:Stock

Front Axle:Stock

Rear Axle:Limited slip

Axle Gear Ratio:Not sure

Suspension:2.5" lift




Future Modifications:Tons

First time jeeper here. Just bought a renegade a few months back for 1,500$. Put over 7k into it already. But I love it.


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06-25-2013, 06:15 AM
Also I do have a problem. It all started when I first got the jeep. About a week later I snapped the driveshaft. I was told it was because the springs were flat. So I bought a lift kit and took it to a local shop to get them to install it and fix the driveshaft. (worst mistake ever). Well they installed it all. Than I drove it for about a month later and SNAP. Broke it again. Along with the yolk. So at this point I decided I'll do it myself. (First timer here). I wen to a wrecked and told them my situation. They gave me the parts I need for $100. Got home and compared them to the parts that broke. Noticed right away the old driveshaft the shop put in was way smaller. Side by side it was about 3" shorter. Held it up to the t case and notice it only grabbed 3/4 of an inch. So yea. That was why. Well my bigger problem that can from all that is. Wen it snapped I was on the hwy. going fast... It snapped and was flying around under the jeep. Destroyed my exhaust, but worse the shaft hit the road and dug in cause the jeep to launch in the air. It didnt flip or anything. Thank god i was going straight, but doing this it somehow bent my output shaft to my transfer case. I've been reading about everyone buying the SYE but there very pricy and I'm very broke ***. I called the wreckers and they want to sell me the whole t case for about $500. I'm wondering if anyone who had a spare output shaft around?? I have a 92 yj renegade. Inline 6 5 speed.

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