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Opionions on lifts show me your jeep!!

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Okay so Ive got a 94 wrangler with supposedly 8 inches of lift.(just bought it) 4 inch suspension 2 inch shackle and 2 inch body. An I've got 35s. I hate the body lift I can see the frame and it's just garbage so I want to take it off but I still want to keep my 35s and keep it looking so big. So I was thinking about springing it over but I know almost nothing of what involves price and work. Should I spring it over it get a bigger suspension or shackle lift?

So what have you guys done to make your jeeps look sweet. I go wheeling about twice a week or so, so I want the best for that to. I feel like springing it over would give me more clearance and flex but I'm just so inexperienced in this. It's my first jeep. Maybe post some pictures too of your jeeps


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