need help asap. *rear driveshaft* Jeep Registry
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need help asap. *rear driveshaft*

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Engine:4 cyl


Front Axle:danna 44

Rear Axle:ford 9"

Axle Gear Ratio:583

Suspension:spring over, shackle, 3"body



hello everyone. i need advice, my jeep started vibrating the other day and "clicking" during deer season. after season was over, i was headed to work and the vibration and clicking got worse the futher i went. so bad that the jeep felt like it was jumping so i pulled over and realized the cv was shot. the cv reads (spicer 02-26-309, 254, 96, d35) and the slip yolk reads (spicer 02-3-2699, 6f1, d3, 52621). note that the numbers are kinda hard to read so those are the best that i could make out. ive only had the jeep about a month so i dont know alot about it. ive called advanced, autozone, napa, fishers, local junk yards, no luck. i dont know if the driveshaft is stock, aftermarket, custom, out of a different model, i have no clue. ive tried researching on google but i cant make heads or tails. i believe the slip yolk is ok just the other part of the driveshaft is bad. Advice??? thanks in advance.


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12-06-2012, 11:51 PM

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12-08-2012, 03:14 PM
Find out if anyone in your area builds driveshafts. Try calling some local offroad shops or high end race shops. They should get you in the right direction.

Any pics of the dshaft?


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12-10-2012, 05:48 PM
X2 on the driveline shop. I've had my front and rear DS fixed at different times. The one in my area is very reasonable and does a great job.

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