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Just bought a '93 YJ... The previous owner did a spring over lift, how much of a lift in inches is this?

Second, my rear main seal is bad so I'm going to have a slip yoke eliminator installed to rid this problem and suggestions on different models? Morris 4x4 has several to choose from that vary in price. Do all of these upgrades have a double u-joint setup? I will not be going mudding but with be in sand and offroading.

Third, it looks as if the transfer case has been dropped about an inch to accommodate the spring over which I have read bad opinions about... Should I have the transfer case put back since I will have the slip yoke eliminator installed?

Fourth, the gear ratio? What gears for the differentials should I have installed to accommodate the 35" tires and offloading? If I leave the stock gears will it tear up the transmission or clutch?


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