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Transfer Case:np241

Front Axle:d30

Rear Axle:d35

Axle Gear Ratio:3.50


Tires:30 x 9.5

Future Modifications:bushwacker flares, 13 10.50 tires. 4.0 engine swap

Hello everyone. I finally decided to start a build thread on my jeep. my wife asked me why it said joop on the side when we got it lol so that is how it got the name joopacabra. here is a picture of my new to me yj.

it is a 1990 with the 4.2 and automatic. it was exactly what i was looking for.

I had a 95 when I lived in utah that I did a 4 to 6 swap and a bunch of other things to. so I am not entirely a newbie to jeeps. I spend a lot of time building and playing with mustangs so I have a fair amount of experience tinkering with cars and I have a really nice garage and tool selection to play with. here is a thread I did on my garage.

I started looking for this jeep because I wanted something I could fix up for my daughter to drive to school in the winter. We built a nice 67 mustang for her but it actually turned out a bit too nice and now she is afraid to drive it to school for fear of it getting vandalized so I guess it will be more of an occasional driver than a daily like I had planned. here is a pic and thread of it if anyone is interested.
and because I really missed my old yj. I wanted a jeep that needed some mechanical work because I like doing that sort of thing, but I wanted one that the body was in decent shape because I don't like doing body work.
I wanted an automatic because I am going to be letting my daughter drive it. I also wanted the 6 cylinder because after the headache I had doing the 4 to 6 swap before I did not want to go through all that again lol.

this jeep is probably going to be different than the majority of jeeps on here because it has a different mission. I live in Iowa so there is not a lot of great rockcrawling places around here and with my job I can't go far from home very often so the primary purpose is for snow. I want it to be capable of getting through an Iowa winter and be relatively safe on the road. I want it to have good all weather capability and not sit up too high so that it is going to be blown all over the road when the wind kicks up. so a lift is not in my immediate plans. I may replace the springs, I would like to put a bit larger tire under it 31 10.50 like I had in Utah because that is the look I like, but I do not want to lift it any more than necessary.

I plan to fix all of the little problems that it has and at some point swap in a fuel injected 4.0 engine. I have already done a lot to it so I will go through some of that in the next few posts.


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