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high idle/engine shuts off

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Ok I have a 91 yj. Since I've had it its always had a high idle. 1100 up to 1800 sometimes a lil more than 2k. And ran a little rough at times.

Ok omw to my house after a 300mile maybe more drive up to mass. I was omw home and it started miss firing and then completely shut off the engine. Coasted to side of road and tried starting it. Nothing. 5 cranks later I called triple a. Then tries again starting. 5 mins later triple a came. Got it dropped off home and then started it up. It ran but missed a little. So u would assume fuel pump. Got a whole drop in unit and put it in. Connected everything and started it up. It started up fine. Bolted it back up and drove it around the neighborhood. Still missed. So I was like ok that's not good. Then tried driving it to my gf's and down the street it started missing pretty badly. Then died. Started it up and wouldn't start. Rolled back and rolled down the street. Started it. Nothing. Then tried pop starting it. It started. Then missed and died. Pop started it again and started but ran ****ty. I then parked it and it idled fine. Then missed reved it. It was fine. Then missed a lot then I shut it off. Any ideas?

Also all spark plugs are recently new same with all the wires, and rotor cap. Have the tip at the apartment but haven't put it on. I also replaced the coil. New battery, new fuel filter and fuel sending unit. Now when I installed the new sending unit. It didn't fit down the whole way so I tried figuring out why and decided to just screw it in and the plastic tank will be pulled up a little. Also got it from crown and they said both 2.5l and 4.0l have same fuel pump. Anyone have any ideas. Need to get back to maryland asap.


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