Hi all. I'm a new 95 Wrangler owner, new to the forum. Jeep Registry
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Hi all. I'm a new 95 Wrangler owner, new to the forum.

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I know I've got a lot of work to do, but don't mind a work in progress. Just installed new seats, ( previous owner had broken torn racing seats). I read some posts about other people doing this on their lunch break. Only took me 2 afternoons. NOTHING EVER JUST SLIDES RIGHT IN FOR ME!

(No puns)

So, please excuse me for my ignorant questions, as I am not mechanically inclined, and as I said, a new jeep owner.
I've been told, and read how some leave their tops off all summer, ( on their JEEPS!!!). So, are there some drainage holes for water when it rains, or some type of drainage system? The reason I'm asking is, I'm thinking about redoing the tub, patching and repairing where needed, and sealing. How does the water get out?

( more dumb questions to come, I promise)


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