HELP!!!! Clutch problem or something else!???? Jeep Registry
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HELP!!!! Clutch problem or something else!????

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Alright Jeepers i have ran into a problem my 1998 JEEP WRANGLER YJ 5 SPEED MANUAL. IT has been acting up. About 2 days ago when i was on the express way (stop and go traffic) I started to hear this loud screeching, rattling, noise come from under my Jeep.It only happens when I press on the clutch and put it into gear, but once in gear it runs fine. yes i am able to shift into all gears and like i said this loud noise only happens when i press down on the clutch it literally shakes the whole jeep. By the way the engine is running very smooth...WHAT COULD THIS NOISE BE????
*******SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!******


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