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so, idk what am i suppose to tell here so yea that my jeep,

the beauty who give me nightmare

Todo List:

[Fixing] horn
[Fixing] speedometer
[Fixing] background dashlight
[Fixing] Dsync trann
[Fixing] Radio
[Fixing] fuel gauge to fix(curently floating in the tank i think)
[Fixing] all the lock(curently able to lock but not to unlock(great -_-))
[Body] changing left fender
[Body] little paint job to do,
[Body] front grill to fix or change
[Body] driver seat to cover/change
[...] thats all i could think right now
[fixed]exause Leek
[fixed] Gas Leek(near the tank)
[fixed] Gas Leek(near the motor)
[fixed] Frame Weakness near the stearing box


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