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cooling issues

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Hey yall its been a little while of me driving my 92 yj with the 4.0 around, and within a matter of five minutes at normal driving speeds city it starts to overheat. It'll reach 210 and than slowly climb its way up to about 240 250. I have changed all cooling components all hoses, thermostat, water pump, coolant. The only thing left is the radiator. But is there anything else I can do I want to add electric fan(s) but dont have the money to run a dual battery set up right now. Is it possible to run it on the single operating battery with all the other components, all I have extra are 2 lights and my cb for now. Any on with the same issues or that knows a good fan to go with please let me know. Trying to keep it on the cheaper end just dont want any carp either. Thanks in advanced for any and all help.


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