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Accessories:6PIAA lamps and a big ole rack

I have a hydraulic clutch fluid leak inside my tranny somewhere at the slave cylinder. I replaced it and put a new clutch in, put the tranny back in and I started seeing my clutch fluid seep down from my tranny and lost my clutch almost immediately...

Has anyone else had this problem or have a clue as to what I may have disconnected incorrectly?

I am pulling the tranny back out again and will inspect the lines and slave for leaks as well as take some pictures to post on here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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View djbbad22's Jeep
08-19-2012, 12:09 AM
Had a similar problem. You need to make sure there are no tears in any of the lines and make sure you replace the slave lines. Check and make sure you have no excessive vibration like a tranny mount. Mine was a worn tranny mount that made me lose my clutch within a couple of days. Replaced the slave 3 times before realizing.

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View blkbetty1990yj's Jeep
08-20-2012, 08:41 AM
Fuel pump issue along with a hydraulic clutch fluid leak
In order for me to check it I will have to get my engine running. I have a fuel pump issue I am also working on. I don't believe I am receiving any power to my fuel pump. On my 90 YJ I have a 3 wire plug which I disconnected and tested with my multimeter. The 3 wires are labeled A,B,C.

A = 0.0 volts B= 0.30 volts C=0.0 volts.

I assume the B should be receiving 12volts but I am not sure. Also I would like to wire a direct 12volt line to the pump to test it. Does anyone know which wire I connect the 12 volts to? A,B,or C? It would probably help if I attached a picture.

the colors of the wires from the harness are
black/green, tan/black, orange/black

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