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Model:CJ8 - Scrambler

Engine:AMC 360


Transfer Case:Dana 20

Front Axle:Dana 30

Rear Axle:Dana 20

Axle Gear Ratio:2.72

Suspension:3" 4WD Hdwre kit

Tires:All Terrain 10.5 x 33 x 15

Wheels:American Racing Chrome Wagon Wheels


Recovery Gear:N/A

Accessories:Many - Custom bumpers, hydroboost brakes, TDK frame, almost everything is new.

Future Modifications:Winch? 3-point seat belts

I call it "Phoenix" because it was completely rebuilt in order to pass inspection, then some fool 16-yr old pulled in front on me,nearly totalling it, and, like the phoenix that rises from the ashes, I had to re-rebuild it; again! TDK frame, rebuilt tranny, wider axles, hydroboost brakes, all new fuel system (rebuilt carb, clean tank, new flex lines, electric fuel pump), and many other new parts due to the accident. It is so much fun to punch the 360!


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View BigTorqueCJ's Jeep
07-18-2012, 09:11 PM
That thing is sweet!

Hey Strasburg, that's real close to me I'm in Manheim. We should go wheeling sometime.

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