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Wiring nightmare!!

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I got my first jeep about a mount ago and I knew when I got it that there were wire messed up, but I didn't know things would be this bad.

First of I the break lights/ turn signal, the turn signal switch is very weird.. It doesnt like to spring back to the middle when I cancel it. And then when I push it to the middle it has to Be in a perfect spot to make the left rear brake light work...

Then my temp gauge doesn't work/ light up, same with the fuel gauge. But the Fuel gauge is because someone swapped the tanks.

Also my started key cylinder broke so I have to use that little connecting rod to start it. For the starter I want to just get a push button and I'll integrate a simple key that will allow power to go the the starter button.

I'd be glad to except any input and help from anyone on these problems, I'm a noob to jeeps so I'm all ears.


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