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Dingmans Ferry

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Model:CJ7 Limited

Engine:4.2l (258 cid)

Transmission:5 speed manual

Axle Gear Ratio:3.31/1

I bought this brand new 1983 CJ7 on March 4, 1983 for $11,500.00. It has run fine and taken me just about anywhere I wanted to go. I had to store it for 4 years in 2005 but brought it back to life in '09 and I am still in love with it, and so is my wife who drives it often.

Today I am trying to fix a few items that have been bothering me lately.

1st is the headlight switch. The original one, the dimmer fell apart so I replaced it with a new on from Morris4x4. That switch went in alright but the dash lights only come on when I turn the knob all the way clockwise.
Parking lights - OK
Head lights - OK
Interior lights - On when knob turned all the way, or when doors are open.
Dash lights - only come on with Interior lights. (when knob is turned all the way), nothing during the variable dash light brightness.
I ordered a new switch from Borg Warner arriving Wednesday I'll let you know if that one work any better.

2nd. Had a new gas tank installed at my local Jeep dealer but now when I fill the tank up full, I smell gas. When not so full no smell. Still trying to find the source of the gas odor. I have been under the vehicle and took many pictures but I still can't find the source of the smell.

3rd. There is a small hose that was attached to the passenger side of the rear axle, inboard of the shackle, that goes up over the gas tank but I can't find the other end, The hose has come loose from the axle and the end, with a brass fitting, just seems to sit in a small hole in the axle. I can't find anything about this hose. Any ideas?


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View mat8828's Jeep
06-07-2012, 10:44 PM
Hose off of axle is most likely the air vent, for when going through water.

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View Unklmarty's Jeep
06-09-2012, 08:19 PM
The Jeep
Hey thanks Matt that sounds right. I could't find any reference to it anywhere. Guess I should make sure it's connected nice and tight

After changing the headlight switch, all is OK. All dash lights work as expected.
The switch I replaced was brand new, but didn't work right. go figure. This new BW switch works perfectly.

Now for the gas smell. Any ideas?

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