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East Palatka

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Suspension:4 in lift 2" springs

Future Modifications:Less rust, more metal and rear roll bar

Yesterday, we had the engine going. It was running rough, no power, chuggy. Thought maybe headgasket or stuck valve? Did compression check, all 6 were 130. Now, no spark. Might be coil?
Rust is pretty bad, will be glad when less of the Jeep gets swept at night.


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08-12-2010, 11:04 AM
narrowing in on no power
After realizing I'd had it flooded, (reason for no spark) Found a huge leak in the intake manifold, gasket blown, which was caused by (most likely) motor mounts being shot. Big vaccum leaks cann probably causes no power, chugging thing.... ? Nice to see Advanced or Auto Zone usually carries parts in stock, most have been really reasonable.... Still happy We bought it!!! (Do need to get to the beach, asap, though,,,, waves n all.)

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08-12-2010, 08:37 PM
Intake manifold gasket replace
I've been on a few threads and this intake manifold gasket "replace" is starting to sound pretty hard. Where would you put two gaskets at the same junction? Intake or exhaust?
Hubby busy working,I'm trying to speed up this process a little...
Thinking about tearing it down myself to have everything ready when he can get a chance...?! Don't want to mess anything up... Still love the Jeep!!! We've got, what, 6 more weeks of summer, right?!!!

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08-16-2010, 11:17 AM
Replaced intake manifold gasket and pick up coil
Now, we've got new manifold intake and exhaust gaskets, sprayed with copper sealant, (good stuff). Started running a little better. Gasket was compromised near rear, (location of the valve cover leaking, baddly). Still have the plastic (????) valve cover, so warped,, need new one, Chrome?!!
Still not running "right" misfire, sluggish, but better. Replaced pick up coil, and main coil. Running better, not as sluggish. Need to pick up some heat sink thermo grease for the pick up coil before it burns up...
Carb is questionable.. gasket is bad,,, only 2 barrel... would like a Holley 4 barrel,,,but,,,,$$$$$,,Will get gasket kit for what I've got...Need to set up manual choke for dash...
Still happy

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View longboardbuggy's Jeep
08-18-2010, 09:16 AM
Carb fine Vacuum leak culprit
The carb top gasket was bad, replace it. Still getting an air leak somewhere.
Bennett's Racing told us these cj7 258's are horrible if they have a intake leak, gotta find where it's suckin' air. The top butterfly valve on the carb has to be held shut to keep the motor running. That means air is getting into the engine somewhere else. If the computer picks up that there's a vacuum leak somewhere, it willl cause the distributer to miss calculate the firing. Cause bad timing.
He also said get a single wire ignition system from Elderbrock or Summit Racing, bypass the computer, (he said better than the "nutter"). Old school.
Sounds good to me!!!

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View longboardbuggy's Jeep
08-19-2010, 05:15 PM
Bad spark plugs
After trying to re-torque the valve cover, (leaks) we tested for a vacuum leak around the manifold and carb...used brake cleaner...no leaks...Readjusted the jets on the carb, put them full open, ran much better. We hadn't readjusted them since we fixed the manifold gasket.
The problem now wasn't too much air getting in (vacuum leak), it was starved for gas. With the jets opened 4 turns each, it ran fine. Still a little chuggy though. Ran better at idle but no power at take off.
Today we checked the spark plugs one more time...Only 2 were GOOD! Replaced all 6, power at take off!!!
Now on to brakes and motor mount.....

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View longboardbuggy's Jeep
09-20-2010, 05:43 PM
Discovered CJ 7 Death Wobble
After bleeding the brakes....PSt.... (If you have a novice helping you bleed the brakes and nothing seems to be working out right, make sure they know which pedal is the brake and which is the clutch. You will never, neber eber be able to bleed the brakes when someone is pumping the clutch. No matter how long they pump.....)
Anywho,,,, After destroying two easy outs, trying to remove the strippped out bolts in the yoke, The stupid little u-strap got replaced by Ford u bolts. Drilled through, while still on the truck, (my husband is such a "Man")
OK, The "Death Wobble"... my jeep is at least lifted 4". Homemade shackles. No center braces. Needs some flatbar welded to sure the up. After reaching about 35mph, it's all over the road...Hope this helps.
Need a valve cover really badly....Need the dipstick fixed, leaks at the block.
Would like to get to Augee Bog, soon. Need to get to the beach, sooner.

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View longboardbuggy's Jeep
10-23-2010, 10:40 PM
Rear brakes cj 7 '84
Driving HW a few days ago, noticed a "chunking, clunking" sound in the rear brake drum, pass. side. Took off brake drums to discover sand, water, and mostly rusted metal brake parts. Tore down hubs, outter bearrings were burnt, melted. Can't figure how the whole thing's been turning. Opened differential, AMC 20 double axle rear end, maybe 1 gallon of water (?) and then soggy gear oil. What a mess!. Cleaned, removed inner oil seals, outter bearrings, all differential bearrings appeared fine. Replaced what was bad. Napa, suprisingly was the best price on parts! Couldn't use the brake shoes as a core. Too far gone. (If I hear "did this thing sit at the bottom of the ocean?" one more time....)
Whole rear end tightened up, really well. The clunking sound was a break part that had rusted loose.
Now on to the front end....(Hubs look expensive$$$$)

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