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Old yeller is what I call it My daughter will decide.

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Jeep Information

Year:1973 58,000 miles

Model:CJ5 Open body

Engine:3.8liter straight six

Transmission:3 speed manual T14A

Transfer Case:Dana 20

Front Axle:Dana 30

Rear Axle:Dana 44


Tires:Pirelli Scorpions

Wheels:Factory ???

Armor:Factory skid plates

Accessories:Lever lock brake system

Future Modifications:Probably keep it mostly stock

My daughter found this survivor. It spent 38 years as a farm implement.Two years with a friend of hers and now is assigned to just having fun. It needed some TLC so dear old Dad took it into the shop and gave it a going through.

The first photo shows the supplies. The parts store was glad to see me, Old yeller even more.

I got busy, plenty of gunk , purple power, pressure cleaning, simple green ,carb cleaner, seafoam,wire brushes,shop towels, electrical parts cleaner, and motor flush.

Once I could see what was there I got out the most important tools. A Chiltons manual,this forum and a pencil. You guys made me fearless in proceeding.

I started by cleaning and neutralizing the battery, battery tray and connections.the bracket was wire brushed, primed and plastidipped.
Cleaned the carb and then cleaned the carb again. A gargle of sea foam set off the smoke detector in the shop and had the tailpipe spewing chunks. Next was the faulty fuel pump replacement with new hoses, fuel filter and vacuum lines. Of course we let the pump run about a quart of fuel into a jar before connecting to the clean carb. Next was the motor flush followed by fresh oil ,filter and drain plug gasket. Now it was time to get down. Drained and refilled both axles, the transfer case and transmission. Found and greased every Zerk fitting listed. Slowly took each engine electrical connection off one at a time.They were cleaned thoroughly and reassembled with dielectric coatings,Boeshield or appropriate sealants. Payed especial attention to the ground points. I went through several wire brushes on the drill and dremel tool in this process. This was followed by tending to the exterior lights repairing housings.cleaning grounds,making gaskets and replacing bulbs as needed.Of course the air filter and PCV was renewed and a gasket located and installed on the air cleaner,repaired the vent tube.

To be done: Get the parking brake working, get the wipers working, get the dash lights working, Get the lever lock brake system working, get the heater system working.Get a new oil filler cap, and pedal pads All that should be easy since this site exists. Its just time and money,and even though its not mine I respect this machine. I had several Jeeps in the 70s and 80s. I am enjoying doing this with my girl. This vehicle is easy to work on, sort of takes me back to "the day". Here is my current toy in the last blurry photo.


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