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Engine:258 inline 6

JeepJeep the PoorJeep is a sad creature. She came from Denver to Omaha where I found her being used as a daily driver. Definitely not what she was built for. I had her not even a year when she was stolen by some idiots who overheated her (my fans are electric on a switch), stripped her and left her in a garage which I later found (not easy to hide a giant red CJ-5 in Omaha!). Luckily, the worthless thieves tracked down most of the items they had already sold because I agreed to leave the police out of it if everything was returned. (like I'd ever see my parts or a dime from these low-lifes in court) Since then, she's never been the same, but is on the road to recovery.

I also have a 94 wrangler that I would trade for a wiring harness and rewire of my CJ.

The wrangler is lifted, but not built, and needs a battery, rear end gears, and 2 tires. currently on 33's


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