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Transfer Case:Dana 20

Front Axle:Dana 30

Rear Axle:Dana 44

Tires:33x12.5 BFG MT

Future Modifications:Home built rear bumper with spare tire gate, home built front bumper, warn winch

Well I just bought my first Jeep on 03/18/2011. I've been looking for a CJ5 in good condition for a long time, and was driving through a small town and there it I took the wife to go see it, and now we're owners! I will be posting more soon, I have a ton of questions.


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03-20-2011, 10:49 PM
I when I spoke to the PO, before I bought the jeep, I could tell that he was a little full of $#&!. He told me that the jeep was his DD on a 80 mile daily commute. Not that the jeep wouldn't be able, I don't think I could afford the gas. He told me that the engine was totally chromed out.....the only chromed out part were the valve covers. Not that I cared, everyone knows a chorme oil dip stick adds 10 Hp. The PO then told me about the awsome radio system that he installed, but he hasn't hooked up the amp yet. I told him, it wasn't a problem. All I cared about was getting my newly bought CJ home.
It was to late to do much by the time we got home, but we decided we'd take it out in the morning. We wouldn't go to far, as we didn't have a spare yet.
The next morning we awoke, I checked the fluids, and we set off. We took the back roads to a buddys house, showed it off a bit, and we all jumped in for a short drive.
We made it to an old windmill on the back side of the mountian, and decided to head back to the house. Murphy's Law kicked in, and in turning around I heard a sssssssssss noise. (Greasewood is tougher than it looks.) Needless to say we had a nice two and a half mile walk back to my buddy's house. My wife less than enthused.
We picked up his scout and some supplies, and headed back to the jeep. With a little inguinuity, we got the jeep back home.Attachment 206099

All in all it wasn't a bad day, we had some fun, got some exercise, and my wife learned that 3 ply side walls aren't good enought! Getting new tires soon.

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