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Engine:AMC 232

Transmission:727 Auto

Transfer Case:N/A

Front Axle:Unpowered

Rear Axle:Dana 44 LSD

Axle Gear Ratio:3.31:1 ??

Suspension:Leaf and well worn!




Recovery Gear:Nil

Accessories:Has an ash tray, thats all!

Future Modifications:Fit manual NP435 tranny

Hi All,

Dave64 from other side of the world here. Previous owner of two CJ6's (Oz built) new to Postals, but lots of potential.

Needs lots of work, but hey! I'm retired, times no problem. Suspension rework required, sagging all corners, what I would like to know is if 1975 Jeeps, either CJ or DJ can be retrofitted with later model disc brake front ends? I have the stock drum brake fronts, unboosted and if I go manual would like to use suspended pedals (RHD remember) with a booster and disc brake front. Will they fit my existing stubs? I See there are some mobs who will sell a complete system, but pretty pricey, by the time I got them imported, would cost more than what I paid for DJ! If I can scource them locally, would be helpful. Rear drums I'll keep, just redo them, plenty parts for them here. Any tips would be welcome.

Cheers, Dave.


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03-13-2014, 03:59 PM
DJ5 brakes
Dave, check with PostalJeeps.net online. Call them on the phone and they are INCREDIBLY helpful. My '73 "C" model has disks from an '83, but they had to be shimmed to get the camber right. Power brakes can be added from most any '70's AMC product.

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