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Engine:Chevy Nova 4-cylinder

Transmission:2-Speed Powerglide

Rear Axle:3.73

Hey everyone. Just picked up this Jeep from an Ebay auction. I'm a little bit confused on it though. Trying to figure out if it really is a 71 or not. It has the Nova engine, but I thought those were from the 1970 DJ's. Other odd thing is that it has a bull-nosed 5 line grill with the turn indicators embedded. I thought the pre-1970 flat grills had the lights not the bull-nosed ones, and didn't 1971 year move the turn indicators to fender mounted lights.

Dug into this more and I'm fairly convinced this isn't a 71. There's a decal on the dash stating it was manufactured in November of 1969. I know it's possible for the dash to have been replaced, but that year makes more sense than 71 considering the Nova engine and 2-speed transmission. Now the bull-nosed grill... I think that was an add-on. Someone created a fan shroud to compensate for the extra space the grill created (and keep air flow over the radiator contained).


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