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Engine:AMC 232 3.8L I6

Long-time Jeep owner, first-time Jeep wrencher.

Picked up this DJ for next to nothing. Starting to fix it up piece by piece. Electrical has been a beast. Any help would be much appreciated, especially if you're in the Bay Area.

Been rattled-canned. I think that's hiding some bad body work/rust.


  • Starts in gear. No backup lights or rear flashers. Brake lights don't get brighter when headlights are on.
  • Leaks small amount of coolant from lower radiator hose. Might be bad water pump seal.
  • Shifts rough. Don't think it's the original tranny. Previous owner kept meticulous service records so I'll have to dig in and figure out what he bolted in.

Still, the thing purrs.

Work I've already done
  • New starter.
  • New coolant reservoir and radiator cap
[LIST]Air filter, fuel filter, oil change/treatment[LIST]

Like I said, I'm new to working on any car, let alone a Jeep, but figured this one was a good one to learn on.

Thanks for reading!


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