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dmanars 11-20-2013 01:45 AM

Help: Water puddle but not over heating
I changed the radiator 1 week ago because of a small leak. Everything has been fine for a week and tonight after dinner I walk to my car to find a big puddle underneath. I drove it about a mile to drop off a friend at his car. When I stopped I checked under the hood and there was water being sprayed up by the fan. I couldnt find a leak and water look like it was pouring out the bottom of the engine. I filled it back up and drove about 3-4 miles home. Got home left it in idle and open the hood to check my car. The leak was now minor. I kept the car on for 15 minutes. My jeep never over heated, nor did water leak like it did. I got inside and 30 minutes later decided to drive it down the road and back. I drove it about 2-3 miles and not once did it over heat, nor did it leak again. At first I thought it was a loose hose. all the hoses seem tight. I then thought it was the water pump, but If it was it would continuously loose water and overheat. So Im a little clueless at the moment. And suggestions? How much coolant should I have put in after I changed the radiator? I put a lot of water in the tank. Do you think this was extra coolant that needed was expelled? Id rather not take it to a mechanic if everything is ok.

2007LIB 11-20-2013 06:19 AM

If you overfilled the tank then it would definitely overflow once you stopped the vehicle....Keep your eye on the tank level.

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