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Nelle32 06-10-2013 08:56 PM

Having issues with my Liberty...can anyone help??
have a 2007 Jeep Liberty with 85K miles on it; never any issues. Last Wednesday, I noticed that my air (vent) didn't feel very strong. I turned it up slowly from position 1 through each to position 4 and at each stop, I could hear the blower motor getting louder because it was blowing harder but I couldn't hardly feel the air; it felt like something was blocking the vent. I turned it off but while in the off position I could hear the blower making a "woosh woosh woosh" sound. The next morning I went out to start it and it wouldn't start. I could hear the solenoid click but it wouldn't turn over. I called AAA for a tow and the driver jumped it and it started right up so I took it to Midas for a new battery, serpentine belt and tensioner pulley (the belt and the pulley were known issues that were scheduled prior). The Jeep ran fine however the blower continued to make the same noises and the air still wasn't blowing. By Sunday, (36 hrs) the brand new battery was dead. I had it towed to my regular mechanic who tested the battery and the alternator and said the battery was fully charged and the alternator was charging as normal but the AC/vent was blowing normally-he could not replicate the issue. On the way home, the vent started the making the making the "woosh woosh woosh" sound again and felt like the air was blocked again... any ideas? Should I expect a dead battery in the AM again? Please help!!

Billwill 06-11-2013 05:21 AM

The airflow is controlled by an electronic "Blend Door" which moves as you select different areas that you wish the air to go to.

It is also controlled by vacuum from the intake manifold....there is a small pipe coming off the manifold to the underside of the dash...if this vacuum pipe splits or comes off what tends to happen is all the air comes out through the demister vents.

You say you can hear the blower motor speeding up when moving the blower speed switch so that should rule out the blower resistor pack which sits behind the glove box and has a habit of blowing....usually not working on position 1, then not on position 2 etc.

There is also a metal grid inside the cabin up against the firewall below the glove box that re-circulated air goes through. This grid can get blocked up but this should give you a gradual deteriation of re-circulated airflow.

You should definitely not hear your internal blower motor running when the engine is turned off and you should not get a flat battery while ignition is off.
Are you sure the blower you are hearing is not the internal blower but the electrical cooling fan in front of the air-con radiator?

You can download the Service manuals for your KJ here....2006 will be close enough for your 2007 model....should give you a description on how the blower and air vents work...also has circuit diagrams in case you have to trace a short somewhere: ;)

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