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TerryHawk 10-29-2013 07:43 AM

2004 Jeep Liberty Error Codes
My Jeep Liberty will sometimes have the oil light on the dash come on, I just changed the oil to see if maybe that was the problem, but it wasn't. I turned the Key over three times for it to read out the error codes and it gave me 2.


I looked the up and they seemed to both be sensors. Is it bad for the vehicle if I do not change them immediately? Or is there something else about these codes?


streetglideok 11-02-2013 07:32 PM

Hey Terry, Boomer Sooner! Sorry, former okie here so I always give a howdy to the okie members. You have an oxygen sensor code and an oil pressure sensor code. O2 sensor is for Bank 1, sensor 2(B1S2). The O2 sensor you have sets if the sensor reading reads higher than 999mv or 0.999 volts(same value, just different scales) for 2 minutes or more. This frequently happens on these due to a faulty heater in the O2 sensor. If they don't warm up, then they read high for too long. The proper thing is to go underneath the vehicle with a volt meter and verify things are working as they should. Typically they need an oxygen sensor in these cases. NTK(NGK brand), Denso, or the OE sensor is the only ones to use. Do not use Bosch. As for the oil pressure sensor, you either have a very serious oil issue inside the engine, or a faulty oil pressure sender unit. They reside just above the oil filter on the 3.7L. Chances are, if you look at it, it will be covered with oil, and leaking. Replace the thing, but unless you wish to fight replacing the thing multiple times, just run over to the Jeep, or Chrysler dealer and buy a sensor from them. Aftermarket oil sensors are junk for these things. They last 5 minutes at best and stop working. No real cost savings either vs the dealer part. Once done, run by bautozone, play stupid, let them pull your codes and convince them to clear them "just to see if they come back". Head home and smile.

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